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Episode 51: Designated Heroes

11min - Dr. Eggman's got something up his sleeve when he challenges the members of Team Sonic to fight him individually rather than together.

Episode 50: Counter Productive

11min - Inspired by a new self-help book, Knuckles tries to fix mistakes from his past. Unfortunately, things don't exactly go as planned.

Episode 49: No Robots Allowed

11min - After Dr. Eggman installs solar panels without a permit, the homeowner's association threatens to evict him from his evil lair.

Episode 48: Battle of the Boy Bands

11min - Sonic, Tails and Knuckles disguise themselves as members of a boy band to prove that Sticks and Amy are being brainwashed by Justin Beaver.

Episode 47: Cabin Fever

11min - When a storm forces the gang to take shelter at Amy's, they discover she's written a not-so-flattering play based on her friends.

Episode 46: Tails' Crush

11min - When Tails confesses that he has a crush on Zooey, the gang offers him some not-so-great advice on acting smooth.

Episode 45: Fire in a Crowded Workshop

11min - After a fire destroys Tails's workshop, Sonic and the gang have very different recollections of what happened.

Episode 44: Next Top Villain

11min - When Dave the intern shows off to his mom, he accidentally captures Dr. Eggman. Suddenly, there's a new evil mastermind in town.

Episode 43: Fuzzy Puppy Buddies

11min - Sonic becomes suspicious when Amy forms a connection with Dr. Eggman over a shared interest in the tabletop battle game Fuzzy Puppies.

Episode 42: New Year’s Retribution

11min - As the year comes to a close, everyone's happy except Dr. Eggman, who still wants time to complete his old resolution: defeating Sonic.

Episode 41: Role Models

11min - After Sonic and the gang are declared honorary role models by the mayor, they find that their new titles are getting in the way of their work.

Episode 40: Late Night Wars

11min - Knuckles is tapped to replace Comedy Chimp, but the host has plans to win back his old show -- and they involve a certain egg-shaped evil genius.

Episode 39: Just a Guy

11min - Sonic gets some much-needed sensitivity training after referring to Mike the Ox as "just a guy" incapable of battling Dr. Eggman.

Episode 38: Beyond the Valley of the Cubots

11min - After they find discarded Cubot prototypes hiding out in the jungle, Cubot and Orbot turn to Sonic and Tails to protect them from Dr. Eggman.

Episode 37: Eggman Unplugged

11min - Dr. Eggman quits technology, but when the village is attacked by outside forces, Sonic and the gang need Eggman's lair up and running, pronto.

Episode 36: Mayor Knuckles

11min - Knuckles is asked to be the village's mayor for the day. Turns out, not everybody's got what it takes to be a public servant.

Episode 35: Into the Wilderness

11min - When Sticks decides to teach Amy how to best survive in the wild, Sonic and Knuckles try to make a game of it.

Episode 34: Bro-Down Showdown

11min - After Sonic and Knuckles accidentally destroy Amy's couch, they compete on a game show in hopes of winning her a new one.

Episode 33: Late Fees

11min - Sonic encounters one obstacle after another when he races to return a book to the library before he must pay the dreaded late fee.

Episode 32: Two Good to Be True

11min - Chaos ensues when a Knuckles look-alike from another dimension appears and the gang begins searching for a way to send him back home.

Episode 31: Chez Amy

11min - Fed up with the yucky food at Meh Burger, Amy opens a restaurant of her own and soon finds herself in a war for customers.

Episode 30: Chili Dog Day Afternoon

11min - Knuckles gets more than he bargained for when he sets out to track down rare peppers that will help him win the Chili Dog Cook-Off.

Episode 29: Eggman the Auteur

11min - When Dr. Eggman sets out to make a movie about his own rise to power, he and Sonic have more than a few creative differences on the set.

Episode 28: It Wasn’t Me, It Was the One-Armed Hedgehog

11min - Things around the village are disappearing -- including Dr. Eggman's particle accelerator -- and all the evidence suggests that Sonic is the thief.

Episode 27: Robot Battle Royale

11min - Determined to prove that he can invent stuff just as well as Tails, Knuckles enters a Robot Battle Royale contest.

Episode 26: Dr. Eggman’s Tomato Sauce

11min - Dr. Eggman becomes a celebrity chef thanks to his delicious tomato sauce. But Sonic can't shake his suspicions that something's just not right.

Episode 25: Hedgehog Day

11min - When Dr. Eggman relives the same day over and over again, he asks Sonic to help him find a way out of the miserable time loop.

Episode 24: Don’t Judge Me

11min - Dr. Eggman claims he was injured while battling Sonic and takes his blue-hued nemesis to court in hopes of receiving justice.

Episode 23: How to Succeed in Evil Without Really Trying

11min - After Tails accidentally destroys a forest, a secret organization dedicated to random acts of evil tries to persuade him to join.

Episode 22: Dude, Where’s My Eggman?

11min - Cubot and Orbot wake to discover that they can't remember the previous night's activities -- and that their boss, Dr. Eggman, has gone missing.