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Episode 10: Episode 10

1h 25min - Pietro disguises himself as a doctor and manages to break Elena out of prison, shaking off Giordano in the process. When Stefano finds out about Elena and Pietro's escape, he tells Giordano that he is ready and willing to kill to get his revenge.

Episode 9: Episode 9

1h 24min - Elena is arrested for the death of Silvia Nardi. Pietro and Claudio study a plan to set her free. Giordano invites Stefano to stay at his home and persuades him to take revenge on Pietro.

Episode 8: Episode 8

1h 25min - Giordano tries to kill Pietro but he survives. Elena has a meeting with Silvia, Stefano's ill mother who tells her the truth: Stefano is actually Elena's son. During an attempt to escape the hospital, Silvia falls from the balcony and dies.

Episode 7: Episode 7

1h 24min - Giordano successfully undergoes surgery after the shooting and Elena invites him to stay at her home. Pietro has a secret meeting with his daughter and later finds out that Giordano is responsible of killing Elena's father.

Episode 6: Episode 6

1h 22min - Arianna is about to be killed by the men sent by Fiore. Pietro has seen everything from Gloria's house and is rushing home. But Stefano beats him to it and courageously rushes into the house to save Arianna.

Episode 5: Episode 5

1h 24min - Pietro finds Aldo's dead body on the beach outside his father-in-law's house, and when Elena arrives on the scene, she thinks her husband killed her father. It seems that the relationship between the two is now definitely over. Pietro finds a metal letter in Aldo's hand. It is actually a piece of Giordano's bracelet.

Episode 4: Episode 4

1h 32min - Elena wants the truth from Pietro about his role in her kidnapping and confronts him at gunpoint. His confession is a painful one, as she recalls the memory of the baby she lost while she was held captive. But the arrival of the police forces Pietro to flee.

Episode 3: Episode 3

1h 31min - Elena is increasingly tormented by the memory of her old captor, Virgilio Sanna, while Pietro continues to be shady and evasive with his wife, who is increasingly suspicious of her husband.

Episode 2: Episode 2

1h 23min - Elena is forced to deal with a drug dealer in order to free Pietro. She is unaware that the same group of people who kidnapped her when she was a teenager is now involved in her husband's kidnapping.

Episode 1: Episode 1

1h 33min - Elena and Pietro are happily married, wealthy and proud parents. When he's kidnapped, Elena's life becomes a nightmare again: when she was young, she was also kidnapped. The new investigation is led by Giordano Testa, who rescued Elena years ago.