Episode 10: Episode 10

1h 30min - <div dir="auto">Giordano is blackmailed by Marco: he has kidnapped his daughter, and if he ever wants to see her alive again, he has to go back into prison and kill Andrea.

Episode 9: Episode 9

1h 25min - <div dir="auto">The truth is now close to coming out. Marco learns the truth about Alessandro&#x27;s paternity and wants to send Gloria and Alessandro to Miami.

Episode 8: Episode 8

1h 30min - <div dir="auto">Stefano and Giulia try to overcome the obstacles which come with having to carry the burden of who their families are that are preventing them from enjoying their happiness.

Episode 7: Episode 7

1h 29min - <div dir="auto">Andrea is determined to put the past ― and Vittoria ― behind him. Now, he has Elena in his life and both she and their relationship deserve a chance.

Episode 6: Episode 6

1h 29min - <div dir="auto">Alberto can&#x27;t bring himself to kill Arianna, as Marco Ackermann ordered him to do. Arianna doesn&#x27;t remember anything about the accident, and because of this, Alberto manages to convince Marco that she doesn&#x27;t pose a threat to their plans. However, Marco gives him an ominous warning: whoever betrays him, dies.

Episode 5: Episode 5

1h 22min - <div dir="auto">Andrea and Elena have never been more in love, but little do they know that Marco Ackermann is getting closer to carrying out his plan to destroy his hated brother and the woman that he loves.

Episode 4: Episode 4

1h 35min - <div dir="auto">Marco Ackerman frames his brother with a false accusation of money laundering by a prominent politician. Even Elena&#x27;s trust in the man she has stood by begins to falter. However, the woman decides to ask Giordano ― now in prison ― to try to find the truth.

Episode 3: Episode 3

1h 25min - <div dir="auto">Andrea is being held at gunpoint by Marco Ackerman. He is only saved from his fury thanks to Gloria, who, during a phone call, reminds her husband not to do anything stupid or get his hands dirty with yet another murder.

Episode 2: Episode 2

1h 25min - <div dir="auto">The death of Gianmari brings with it more doubts for Elena. Now she doesn&#x27;t even trust Andrea Fiore. She tries to make sense of what Gianmaria was trying to tell her as he was dying, and she wants to find out what the key he gave her unlocks. After some bluffing on her part, Andrea becomes suspicious, leading to a huge fight between them.

Episode 1: Episode 1

1h 25min - <div dir="auto">Elena, with great difficulty, tries to come to terms with Pietro&#x27;s death and restore some sense of peace for her children. They have moved in with grandmother Maria , and Elena opens an outreach center for struggling women, funded by her old friend Gianmaria Fiore.


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