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Episode 12: Sleepwalking

57min - Kassidi grows more possessive. Kev and V help Svetlana with a plan as Frank devises a scheme of his own. Fiona confronts her legal troubles head-on.

Episode 11: A Gallagher Pedicure

53min - Debbie and Fiona deal with the consequences of two injuries. Sierra gets some very unsettling news. Frank and Svetlana are both on a quest for cash.

Episode 10: The Church of Gay Jesus

56min - Lip gets a surprise during a visit to prison. Ian's unexpected celebrity grows. Fiona's charitable ways come back to bite her. Kassidi pressures Carl.

Episode 9: The Fugees

57min - Ian continues pursuing a newfound cause. Frank hits a snag north of the border. Kevin alters his approach with Svetlana while Fiona gets to know Ford.

Episode 8: Frank's Northern Shuttle Express

55min - Frank's new business venture is in full swing. Brad wears out his welcome. Kevin's boldness extends beyond the bedroom. Ian takes on the church.

Episode 7: Occupy Fiona

53min - Kevin desires dominance. Ian rallies reinforcements to harass Fiona. Frank tests the job market. Carl's basement-centric scheme expands.

Episode 6: Icarus Fell. And Rusty Ate Him.

54min - Fiona has a complication with a tenant. Frank's hard work gains him recognition. Debbie deals with the ramifications of a wild few days.

Episode 5: The (Mis)Education of Liam Fergus Beircheart Gallagher

58min - Carl takes extreme measures with a particular addict. A fellow parent takes a keen interest in Frank. Fiona seeks a favor from Mel.

Episode 4: F**k Paying It Forward

53min - Fiona is caught off guard by a surprise return. Carl takes action after a local veteran is robbed. V accompanies Kevin on a pilgrimage to Kentucky.

Episode 3: God Bless Her Rotting Soul

53min - Lip helps Youens after a run-in. Kevin's interest in genetics yields surprising results. To address Eric's demand, the Gallaghers must dig deep.

Episode 2: Where's My Meth?!

55min - Frank lands a job as Fiona adjusts to her role as a landlord. Kevin seeks support before going under the knife. A shady play comes back to bite Lip.

Episode 1: We Become What We... Frank!

54min - Fiona decides to make some changes as Frank attempts to make amends. The diner gets some surprise visitors while Kevin has a startling discovery.