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Episode 20: No Choice In Duty

41min - Jason escorts Mandy on a condolence visit to the family of a fallen informant. Bravo receives an urgent lead on a terrorist's location.

Episode 19: In The Blind

41min - Bravo Team gets ambushed by enemy forces during a mission to extract a possible link to a new terrorist leader.

Episode 18: Edge Of Nowhere

41min - Bravo Team searches for a new terrorist leader who is disrupting peace negotiations in Afghanistan.

Episode 17: Drawdown

41min - While Bravo Team begins their deployment in Afghanistan, Sonny reports to an Air Force base in Texas for his disciplinary training action.

Episode 16: Last Known Location

41min - Tensions are high out on the home front, as Sonny faces disciplinary action and Clay considers a new career path.

Episode 15: Rules Of Engagement

41min - Bravo Team are diverted from their recon mission when they learn that terrorists are attacking a group of American engineers.

Episode 14: Objects In The Mirror

41min - Bravo Team heads abroad under the guise of a training mission. The true target - a high-value assignment that is being held hostage.

Episode 13: Fog Of War

41min - Following a dramatic mission failure, Bravo Team starts a high-stakes After Action Review to see who was responsible for the critical mistake.

Episode 12: Siege Protocol 2

40min - As Bravo's situation escalates, the Tactical Operations Center gets compromised and the team comes face-to-face with the enemy.

Episode 11: Siege Protocol 1

41min - Drama on the home front can't stop Bravo from travelling overseas when a CIA agent is taken hostage.

Episode 10: Unbecoming An Officer

41min - Jason's thrown back into the deep end as he leads his first mission since surgery. Meanwhile, Ensign Davis's career runs into trouble.

Episode 9: Kill Or Cure

41min - Bravo head into an Ebola hot zone when a warlord with a devastating plan steals virus samples. It's a mission that puts everyone at risk.

Episode 8: Danger Crossing

40min - With Jason sidelined by injury, Ray takes over as Bravo's boss. His mission? To rescue a marine pilot shot down in enemy territory.

Episode 7: The Ones You Can't See

41min - Bravo head abroad on a mission to prevent a sniper attack. Meanwhjle, Jason thinks carefully about going under the knife.

Episode 6: All Along The Watchtower Part 2

39min - Bravo's fight against enemy infiltrators continues as their compound comes under attack.

Episode 5: All Along The Watchtower Part 1

39min - As Ray and Clay's overseas compound comes under attack, Jason pleads with his superiors to send him to help.

Episode 4: The Strength Of The Wolf

41min - Tensions boil over among the team as they train for a mission. Meanwhile, Jason tries to choose a new member for Bravo.

Episode 3: Theory And Methodology

40min - The team is on a mission in Azerbaijan to help retake a power plant in order to avoid political instability in the area

Episode 2: Ignore And Override

41min - Haunted by his past, Jason contemplates his future as Team Bravo's Serbian mission takes a dramatic turn.

Episode 1: Welcome To The Refuge

41min - Jason and the team mount a high-stakes mission in Serbia to track down an organisation linked to the bombing of US military outposts.