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23min - The Bronze Knights face Guraad's upgraded Black Knights. Though Seiya and the others gain the upper hand, Guraad proves to be a formidable foe.

Episode 11: THE PROPHECY

23min - Guraad assembles his own Black Knights to protect mankind from the gods. When his forces abduct Sienna, the Bronze Knights set out to rescue her.

Episode 10: The Challenge

23min - Perseus Argol's Medusa Shield turns its opponents into stone. One of the Bronze Knights makes a life-altering decision to protect Sienna.

Episode 9: To Fight for Athena

23min - Reunited with the Bronze Knights, Seiya and the others search for Sienna. Silver Knight Jamian the Crow appears, determined to stop them.

Episode 8: The Rising Tide

23min - Fearing for Sienna's safety, Marin orders Seiya to protect her. Alone, Marin faces the Silver Knights Hound Asterion and Whale Morris.

Episode 7: The Silver Knights

23min - Seiya awakens, having survived the collapsing volcano. He quickly learns Sanctuary has sent Silver Knight Misty and his old master Marin to kill him.