End of Wanderings

The Elegy of Wind and Water

The Enemy Awaits in Senjogahara

Tokyo Under Martial Law

The Magic of Feng Shui

Feng Shui Surprise Attack!

To My Angel Misao

The Two Guides

Schneider's Bet

A Heatwave from Beneath the Earth

A Straying Journey

The Sanada Ninja Squad

Yutaro Returns

Kaishu-Katsu's Determination

Conspiracy of the Beniaoi

The Unending Revolution

Kaishu-Katsu and Kenshin


Himura Dojo in Shimonoseki?

Bon Voyage

The Last Crusade

Sanosuke's Tears

The Sneering Demon

The Days of Remorse

Kaiou's Conspiracy

Shock of the Rairyu Sen

To the Battlefield of Shimabara

The Medallion of Destiny

The Gleaming Blade of Legends

Kaoru, Ecstatic