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In Defense of Madeline Scott, Part 2

42min - Easy's defense strategy hits a snag while Madeline's freedom hangs in the balance; the team works together in an attempt to solve Rosemary's murder in time; Bellows reaches closer as new evidence and old enemies play a part.

In Defense of Madeline Scott, Part 1

42min - Easy accepts an immigration case in which a young DREAM Act beneficiary is convicted of murder; Madeline, Bodie Wren, Levi and Violet put in extra effort in their investigation into Rosemary's killer; Madeline and Bellows' showdown begins.


41min - The team accepts a case that involves a mother with a life sentence for killing her infant daughter; Levi and Madeline learn more about Rosemary's past; Bellows and his team maintain their efforts to make Madeline return to prison.

SEAL Team Deep Six

42min - The team uncovers a sailor's secrets and battles the Navy.

Acceptable Losses

42min - Madeline is forced to return to Ohio while the Injustice Defense Group is asked to help exonerate a former college student who was charged with rape and murder; Bellows has issues with his campaign's values; Levi learns about Rosemary's past.

The Struggle for Stonewall

42min - The team works to exonerate a transgender woman who was convicted of killing her transgender friend, an activist; Violet is joined by NPR host Ira Glass for her next podcast; Bellow's campaign manager discovers new evidence.

Living and Dying in East Cleveland

42min - Madeline and a civil rights activist take a road trip to support justice for a man on death row for a police officer's murder; Madeline tries to rescue Levi from a difficult situation; Bellows and Sanchez think about re-opening a case.

A CinderHella Story

42min - The Injustice Defense Group accepts a case about a girl who was convicted for her mother's murder; Madeline faces unavoidable drama as he tries to stop Bellows, keep up with her and Dylan's relationship and investigate shocking news.

Cross to Bear

42min - The team is torn when a white supremacist beseeches the Injustice Defense Group to get his wrongful conviction overturned.

The Shame Game

42min - Madeline accepts the cast of a woman who got a 25-year-long prison sentence for the supposed murder of her newborn child; Gore Bellows persists in his efforts to hinder Madeline's pursuit of justice; a new lead could prove promising for Madeline.

A Minor Confession

42min - Easy’s church recruits the team to retry the case of William Hurston, a man convicted of murder at the age of 14 due to a coerced confession. Meanwhile, Bellows retaliates against Madeline using Rosemary’s family.

The Burden of Truth

41min - The Injustice Defense Group opens a case with Tamara Folsom, a rape victim convicted unjustly of murder. In addition to Tamara’s case, Madeline comes to Levi’s defense after he lands himself in hot water, but she uncovers a secret about his past that makes her question him.


43min - There is no one who understands the power of setting an innocent person free more than Madeline. At age 18, she was wrongfully convicted, along with her brother, Levi, in a sensational murder case that made her an infamous media obsession, a household name and a national cause célèbre.