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Episode 51

42min - Carolina Arteaga is the main suspect behind Pía Bolaños' death and her enemies try to use the press to ruin her. Sara's health situation escalates.

Episode 50

42min - The explosion leaves nothing but Mayorga's and Joe Moreno's remains. Carmelo gets help for Clara's funerals. Diana is in disbelief about her mother.

Episode 49

42min - Miranda Collins makes a decision involving Sara. Diana gets a life-changing proposal. Clara finds herself in the middle of a shoot-out and is rescued.

Episode 48

42min - An explosion causes casualties on both sides. El Gringo and Mayorga take the bait. Carolina delivers a speech full of hope. Juanito visits the morgue.

Episode 47

42min - Carmelo's legacy is in the hands of Carolina Arteaga, who runs for office. When he finds out, the president makes a call that could put him at risk.

Episode 46

42min - Carmelo sends a message to rekindle his supporters' memory. Carolina is ready to take on the challenge. Don Belisario reveals his very worst side.

Episode 45

42min - Carmela Alvarado devises a strategy to put an end to the chase. Amalia is buried, and Plácido declares war on Mayorga to avenge his mother.

Episode 44

42min - All eyes are on the Alvarados after Pía Bolaños' death. Mayorga's traumas remind Amalia of her past. Clara finds out about Jesús' hidden identity.

Episode 43

42min - Don Belisario helps Clara to join a dance academy, but the relationship gets complicated. They find Pía Bolaños on the floor. Mayorga catches Amalia.

Episode 42

42min - Powerful people choose Joe, who has a troubled past, for their dirty work. Sara recalls the clash with her mother. Miranda Collins and Emmanuel bond.

Episode 41

42min - Carmelo risks everything knowing Sara was stabbed. Pía Bolaños releases a video damaging Sara's image. The mission to catch Alvarado gets complicated.

Episode 40

43min - Sara's in poor health. When Rivas finds out about it, he confronts Bautista Fernández and reveals confidential information without realizing it.

Episode 39

42min - El Gringo's obsession makes Sara suffer. Sara Zimmerman is found to have a history with Joe. Carmelo's enemies already plan their next move.

Episode 38

42min - Carmelo hides in his hometown. After almost 23 years, Amalia has plenty to reveal. Carolina negotiates her nomination with Rivas.

Episode 37

42min - Going against advice, Carmelo gets ready to prove his innocence. Once in the clear, he's grateful for the help. El Tuerto wants to partner up.

Episode 36

42min - Carmelo is on his way to freedom, but he's not alone. El Gringo prepares to shoot at the president's plane and Carolina writes about the escape plan.

Episode 35

42min - The risks involved in escape are high. An official statement arrives, and the warden's decision will affect his destiny forever.

Episode 34

43min - Everything is ready for Carmelo to leave jail. News of the plan reaches his enemies, who are determined to kill him. Emanuel discovers the informant.

Episode 33

43min - Before leaving the Marías Islands, Carolina and Carmelo say goodbye. He makes a proposal that she promises to consider, even if it seems crazy to her.

Episode 32

43min - Carolina makes Carmelo promise that he will accept help. Adam and Eva identify the Maravillas airstrip that will be used to get the president out.

Episode 31

43min - Juanito and Pía work as a team to slowly get rid of Islas Cardán. In the run up to the election, Bautista Fernández makes a pact with the heir.

Episode 30: Coraje

43min - The Alvarados and Diana arm themselves with more than just courage. Segovia makes a speech in which he releases everyone, except Carmelo.

Episode 29: Donde hubo fuego...

43min - Unexpectedly, and after many years apart, Carmelo and Carolina spend the night together in the Marías Islands. At dawn, they face Captain Segovia.

Episode 28: Rebelde con causa

43min - Rivas calls an election and challenges Islas Cardán. In his speech he states that the election would give Carmelo a new opportunity in politics.

Episode 27: Doble castigo

43min - Diana, a young journalist, is eager to interview President Alvarado, since she knows that she will get to meet a dearly beloved person that way.

Episode 26: La hija bastarda

43min - Sara discovers what happened to her mother and quickly works out who her biological father is. Emotionally destroyed, she still wishes to see Carmelo.

Episode 25: La despedida

43min - Alone on the shore, Carmelo renounces everything and writes a note to his daughters, who are the most valuable thing to him.

Episode 24: Maniobras truculentas

42min - Pedro Islas Cardán gets his way and celebrates the judge's ruling against Carmelo. Benito Rivas takes a drastic step. Ignacio Mayorga's fate changes.

Episode 23: Pecado mortal

42min - Temptation and passion overflow in the Marias Islands. Armed and emboldened by alcohol, Segovia goes after two targets. The president is punished.

Episode 22: El diablo uniformado

42min - It might be Carmelo's last night enjoying all his privileges. Segovia invites him to sample Clara's delights, but she begs him not to go.