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End of the World

52min - The curtain falls on the Apocalypse Revue as the fate of the world is decided, and the long journey of a preacher and his friends comes to an end.


43min - Masada is abuzz as the Messiah has finally arrived. Our heroes mount one last assault in a desperate attempt to thwart the end of the world, but God uses every trick in His omniscient arsenal to divide them. Eugene gets out of prison.

Fear of the Lord

40min - Cassidy and Tulip hide Humperdoo from The Grail, whose operatives are now searching both for their messiah - and Starr. Meanwhile, a tempted Jesse considers a powerful offer...


39min - Tulip and Cassidy tear across the world, hell-bent on making God pay for the latest bloody twist in His plan. Elsewhere, an old friend presents Jesse with a unique opportunity that could change everything.

The Lost Apostle

38min - Starr is desperately searching for the messiah as the clock ticks down to apocalypse. Tulip and Cass assume fake identities to track Jesse, but the Saint of Killers has him on a short leash, leading him straight towards an explosive end.

Bleak City

42min - Tulip makes her way to Cassidy and Eugene catches up with his Preacher - though this reunion might be cut short by the Saint of Killers. Starr struggles to keep track of the many players of the apocalypse as the Grail's agenda threatens to unwind.

Search and Rescue

40min - Tulip forges an unexpected alliance to plumb Masada's dungeons and free whatever remains of Cassidy. Meanwhile, Jesse's mission to Australia may be over before it's even started as he finds himself stranded.


41min - In her attempt to rescue Cassidy, Tulip meets an unexpected obstacle. As his hopes of escape fade, Cassidy reflects on decisions he made one hundred years ago. Meanwhile, the Saint of Killers is closing in on Jesse.

Last Supper

39min - God maneuvers the chess pieces of His apocalypse closer to the endgame as Jesse searches for a mysterious rock formation that may be the final leg of his journey. Tulip devises a last-ditch effort to save Cassidy from his torture.


39min - Jesse is rocked by visions of an apocalyptic future as he and Tulip prepare for an all-out assault on Masada, where Cassidy - trapped to a torturous fate - struggles to hang on. But Starr and his Grail operatives are ready for them...