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Saved from the Fight

Tia is called in to help rescue five injured dogs from a dog fighting situation. Parolee Spencer gets out of jail and returns to Villalobos. Tia asks Spencer to help out with an adoption to keep him on the straight and narrow.

Pack of Puppies

A Harley-loving adopter comes to Villalobos from Michigan. Mariah and Lizzy struggle to catch a stray pit in New Orleans East. When a litter of black pit-mix puppies are dropped off at the Sanctuary, Tia and M2 turn to social media to adopt them out.

Twist of Fate

Tia and M2 take to the water to prepare a pit bull for her forever home. A new parolee comes to Villalobos from Boston, hoping stay on track so that he can make his teenage son proud. A stray dog is near death when Lizzy and Heidi find him.

Storm on the Horizon

As VRC braces for Hurricane Barry, Tia and her crew ensure the animals' safety and Mariah and Earl tend to a stray Labradoodle that has been shot. Later, a cancer survivor hopes to rescue an unwanted dog she loves called East.