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Episode 20: Is It Max?

48min - The police receive a call that a man jumped out of a window and died. He had Max's documents on him. Lena and Leonidov go to the crime scene. See what happens in the final episode of "The Dog".

Episode 19: Max is Missing

47min - Max meets a suspicious man in the park. He, as if by accident, has been killing dogs and Max finds this out. After this meeting Max disappears without a trace, having left the dog at home he doesn't show back up and doesn't answer his phone. Leonidov and Lena start the search.

Episode 18: The Judge

48min - The girl at the roadside needed help because her car broke down. A well-known judge stopped to help her. He was found dead in his car. Everything looks like a suicide but Max claims that this is a murder.

Episode 17: Counterfeit Cash

48min - All the members of the gang that deal with counterfeit money are killed. Max comes to the crime scene but what he sees doesn't give him clear answers.

Episode 16: A Crime of Passion

49min - Two days before the release, a dangerous criminal escapes from prison. He kills his wife's partner and disappears. At first everyone thinks it is a crime of passion but Max finds out that things are more serious than what they seem.

Episode 15: The Fire

48min - Leonidov receives a disturbing phone call. He is informed that Max has died in fire. Leonidov and Lena drop everything and go to the scene...

Episode 14: Super Models

48min - A dead dove is found in the dressing room of super models. Someone was taking pictures of the girls but by the time police and Max arrive, he gets away and flees. Was this done to frighten the models or is there a more serious threat?

Episode 13: 50 Kilos

48min - A car with 50 kilograms of heroin in the trunk is stolen by a small boy who has become the main suspect of the police and now a top target of a known drug lord. Is the kid innocent? Who can get to him first?

Episode 12: The Lawyer

49min - A successful lawyer was killed in his own garden. Someone made his way through the fence and shot the victim in the chest, then wrote numbers on his forehead. Max and the dog come to the crime scene.

Episode 11: Hit and Run

48min - A beautiful young girl is murdered by a hit and run car. It is now up to Max and the dog to solve the crime and find the driver.

Episode 10: Not Always the First Suspect

51min - The corpse of a businessman is found in his own apartment. Investigators suspect an accident but Max and the dog quickly confirm this is a murder. The first suspect is a local drunk who has stolen a bottle of whiskey from the victim's house. However, Max is sure that this case is much more complicated than it seems.

Episode 9: The Doc Is In

49min - Criminals, dressed in medical uniforms, first kill a police officer and then move on with more. Max and the dog are going to find out who these people are and what their gang is.

Episode 8: The Car Accident

49min - Max accidentally gets hit by a car. Inside the car is a girl who is being chased by bandits. She asks for his help...

Episode 7: Shooting More Than Pool

52min - There was a massive shooting in a billiards club. Gnezdilov asks Max to help in the investigation.

Episode 6: Four Down

48min - Four people are murdered over drugs. Max finds the main evidence and starts the investigation.

Episode 5: The Leonidov Attack

51min - After the attack on Leonidov, a side little investigation begins...

Episode 4: Wanted

53min - Max is still the main suspect and is now on the most wanted list. Lena and Max accidentally meet and Lena has her ex-husband do something extremely unusual.

Episode 3: On the Run

49min - Max finds a dead body and the gun, in his apartment. Now a suspect of murder, he goes on the run with the dog. They are not going to surrender!

Episode 2: On the Trail

49min - Max gets to the first suspects in the murder of Zharov and he follows the trail. At the same time his relationship with his dog comes to a boil.

Episode 1: A Strange Text

49min - Max receives a mysterious text message from his former father-in-law and mentor Zharov. This message strikes Max as suspicious and he goes to the sender's house... What he sees there not only shocks him, but also introduces to his future best friend; The Dog.

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