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Are We Going to Be Alright?

24min - Jeremy is turning 40 and it's hitting him rather hard. Meanwhile, Mark makes a bold attempt to win the heart of April before she leaves for good.

Kid Cave

23min - Jeremy and Super Hans can't agree over who owns the rights to a music track they wrote years back. Meanwhile, Mark arranges a playdate with his son.


25min - Jeremy receives a brutal dose of reality from a client. Meanwhile, Mark attempts to woo the fair April, despite her already having a husband.


25min - Mark cyberstalks a woman he's liked since university and learns she's publishing a new book. Meanwhile, Jeremy's romantic life gets interesting.

Gregory's Beard

25min - Mark starts feeling the pressure when he's asked to be best man at Super Hans's wedding and learns that Dobby might attend the big event.

The William Morris Years

24min - Jez has some rather constrictive new living quarters, and Mark has a new flatmate and has landed a bank job, but it seems that the wounds of mutual love for Dobby have not yet healed.