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Episode 6

1h 3min - At a family meeting, Michael makes a bold proposal. The mole is identified. Tommy asks an old rival for help with his plan to take down Mosley.

Episode 5

54min - At the party, Mosley makes a speech. Ben Younger faces unexpected consequences for reporting Tommy's intel on fascists. Tommy visits an asylum patient.

Episode 4

56min - Tommy calls a truce and meets with Jimmy McCavern. A lucrative business opportunity presents itself. Aberama is asked to put love before revenge.

Episode 3

56min - Aberama heads to Glasgow to get revenge. Mosley blackmails Tommy, who decides to turn the tables on him. Frantic to find Linda, Arthur loses control.

Episode 2

56min - The anonymous messages take a terrifying turn. Michael's loyalties are called into question. Tommy receives an offer from Oswald Mosley.

Episode 1

56min - Grave news from the U.S. sends the Shelbys to an urgent board meeting. Ada hides a secret. Tommy is revisited by his past, in the form of a journalist.