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Last Lesson

42min - Unexpected alliances are forged and an important figure instills confidence in the wake of the confusion.

Stay in the Light

41min - Amy contemplates what is best for humanity when the only way to stop the virals' escape could cause ruin for Brad, Sykes and the virus' cure.

You Are Not That Girl Anymore

42min - Amy demonstrates symptoms that suggest she is close to turning that prompt Brad to bring the group together while Lila and Sykes seek an anti-viral medicine; Richards attempts to contain Project NOAH after Guilder releases most of the staff.

You Are Like the Sun

42min - Brad and Lila reflect on their shared history while they work on saving Amy; Horace Guilder is given full authority over Project NOAH, which leaves Sykes and Richards worried about the future; Amy and Carter forge a stronger bond than ever.

I Want to Know What You Taste Like

42min - Guilder and Richards organize a search party as tensions escalate over a loose viral discovered outside Project NOAH; Amy and Brad's relationship is strained when she unexpectedly volunteers; Lear helps Elizabeth to understand his touch decisions.

How You Gonna Outrun the End of the World?

42min - Brad and Amy join forces with an unexpected accomplice to escape when a high ranking official suddenly arrives to Project NOAH; Sykes and Richard doubt each other's motives; Lear, Elizabeth and Fanning's uneasy past is revealed.

Whose Blood Is That?

42min - Wolgast persuades Sykes and Lear into letting the group outside in order to get some exercise; Carter's life is revealed through emotional flashbacks; Fanning gets more power over those inside Project Noah; the virals overpower the facility's staff.

That Never Should Have Happened to You

42min - Brad tries to make a deal with Sykes and Richards to remain at Project NOAH with Amy in order to start testing the virus on her; Brad makes an alliance to gather information about the inmates' condition in 4B; Babcock talks about her past.

You Owe Me a Unicorn

42min - Amy and Brad continue to flee from Richards while they seek refuge with Brad's mysterious former military instructor; Dr. Lear thinks on the choices that motivated him to include Fanning in his research; virus testing on Anthony Carter starts.


42min - The United States is threatened by an imminent flu epidemic that prompts a federal agent to retrieve a test subject for a hidden medical facility known as Project NOAH to perform an experiment with a dangerous virus that could cure all diseases.