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Episode 7: Gila County Jail

28min - The crew travel to Globe, Arizona to investigate a jail where a miner murdered two girls and was murdered in return before he woke for trial.

Episode 6: A Haunting in Columbus

28min - Connor travels back to The Crump Theatre before its permanent closure to perform a final never before done "spirit box" session with the now former caretaker, Rovene Quigley. While filming, voices come through the "spirit box" to tell Rovene what they truly think about her.

Episode 5: A Haunting in Rialto

26min - Connor and Julie travels to Rialto in search of Kristina, a little girl who passed away so tragically. While investigating they come in contact with someone unexpected.

Episode 4: Edinburgh Manor

30min - Connor travels to a mental institution for reports of "the joker" who is haunting whoever comes in contact with the building. While in the "safe house" Connor receives disturbing responses from the other side and receives burns on his back live on camera.

Episode 3: The Glen Tavern

27min - The crew travels to a beautiful film attraction city with a dark past of murders, speak easy, and famous celebrities place of a getaway, not aware of what is inside haunting The Glen Tavern.

Episode 2: A Haunting at The Crump

27min - The crew travels to the state's oldest theatre for reports of shadow figures of the performers who once performed at the theatre. While investigating the segregation room, the crew receive responses from the other side on the "spirit box".

Episode 1: A Haunting at Farrar Elementary

30min - The crew travels to Maxwell, Iowa to investigate a haunted school believed to be haunted by the former students of the building who suffered abuse from the former principle. While investigating Connor captures disembodied music humming in the gym.