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Episode 10

47min - Astronauts -- including the legendary Peggy Whitson, who spent 665 days in space -- speak about how their concepts of home have changed.

Episode 9

47min - Chance, coincidence and impossible odds. Examine how the human brain evolved into a complex machine capable of just about anything.

Episode 8

47min - Astronauts and experts ponder a question we haven't (yet) been able to answer: is there other intelligent life in the universe?

Episode 7

47min - Earth is unquestionably beautiful, but it didn't always look like this. Billions of years ago, our home planet was a very different place.

Episode 6

47min - Chris Hadfield and other astronauts question whether human beings could survive -- and thrive -- somewhere other than Earth.

Episode 5

47min - Earth manages to be both habitable and lethal. This episode focuses on why death, danger and even mass extinctions are vital for a prosperous planet.

Episode 4

47min - Astronauts speak about how their trips into space gave them a new appreciation for the importance of water in creating and sustaining life.

Episode 3

47min - The sun provides Earth with light, warmth and energy. Astronauts speak about what it's like to witness the sun's fury from space.

Episode 2

47min - How did Earth get here in the first place? Here's how an incredibly violent cosmic storm helped create the planet.

Episode 1

47min - Breathing is an act that all of us take for granted -- but we shouldn't. Experts explain how it works on Earth and in outer space.