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Episode 12: The Strongest Hero

23min - While the heroes are fighting hard against Melzargald, Saitama has to deal with the head of the aliens, the mighty Lord Boros, in an epic encounter.

Episode 11: The Dominator of the Universe

24min - A creature leaves the alien spaceship which destroyed city A and attacks the heroes of class S. Saitama gets on board and kills most of the crew.

Episode 10: Unparalled Peril

24min - The heroes of class S are summoned to respond to a major threat: Shibabawa has foreseen a great danger set to occur some time in the next six months!

Episode 9: Unyielding Justice

24min - The king of the abyssals, after having defeated many heroes, seems really unbeatable. Fortunately, Saitama gets involved.

Episode 8: The Deep Sea King

24min - The Earth is threatened by the arrival of the abyssals from the sea. Various heroes try to stop them, but they are regularly defeated.

Episode 7: The Ultimate Disciple

24min - Z city is threatened by a meteorite. The heroes of class S try to prevent a human catastrophe, but all their attempts seem to be in vain.

Episode 6: The Terrifying City

24min - The Hero Association detects intense mysterious activity in the ghost quarter of Z city and sends some of its members to resolve the matter.

Episode 5: The Ultimate Mentor

24min - Genos and Saitama take the exam to become heroes. Saitama barely scrapes by, but Genos’s high scores attract the attention of the Hero Association.

Episode 4: The Modern Ninja

24min - The Paradisers are a group of men led by Hammerhead who want a world without work. Speed-o'-Sound Sonic confronts them and kills them all except one.

Episode 3: The Obsessive Scientist

24min - Hearing that Genos and Saitama are heading over to stop him, Doctor Genus releases his ultimate weapon -- a monster that even he can’t control.

Episode 2: The Lone Cyborg

24min - Genos is a cyborg who fights for justice. After having seen Saitama in action, he asks if he can become his student.

Episode 1: The Strongest Man

24min - Saitama is determined to become a superhero. After years of training he becomes strong and faces all sorts of monsters to protect humanity.