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Episode 22: Leaving Storybrooke

44min - Familiar faces return for the final chapter as Alice and Robin seek out help in Storybrooke -- and Rumple's dark plan is fully revealed.

Episode 21: Homecoming

43min - With the curse broken in Hyperion Heights, the residents gather to toast their happy ending. But a dark foe from another realm has other plans.

Episode 20: Is This Henry Mills?

43min - Gothel offers Regina a deal to save her family. But the future depends on Henry regaining his memories with a fateful assist from his inner child.

Episode 19: Flower Child

43min - Gothel's girlhood unfolds in flashback, revealing her painful road to revenge. Jacinda and Henry's relationship takes a big step forward.

Episode 18: The Guardian

43min - Weaver discovers the Dark One's Dagger is missing, and Margot takes Tilly on a date. With time running out, a desperate Rumple puts Alice to the test.

Episode 17: Chosen

43min - Kelly consults Weaver when the Candy Killer adds her name to his hit list. Henry offers to rewrite Hansel's story, and Dr. Facilier comes to collect.

Episode 16: Breadcrumbs

43min - A big-city job offer threatens to pull Henry away from Hyperion Heights. In a flashback, Hook helps Henry advance his story with Ella.

Episode 15: Sisterhood

43min - Drizella weighs a deadly deal in the Enchanted Forest -- and Hyperion Heights. Lucy orchestrates a "bromance," and Jacinda and Henry look for a sign.

Episode 14: The Girl in the Tower

43min - On the run in Hyperion Heights, Tilly scrambles to establish an alibi while Alice and Robin Hood tangle with a troll in the Enchanted Forest.

Episode 13: Knightfall

43min - A desperate Hook strikes a deal to free his daughter. In Hyperion Heights, Rogers questions Eloise Gardener for clues about the killer at large.

Episode 12: A Taste of the Heights

43min - A familiar face threatens to derail Sabine's food truck, echoing events in the Enchanted Forest. Weaver and Rogers dig into a hunch.

Episode 11: Secret Garden

43min - Gothel offers a deal to save Lucy's life -- but there's a catch. Zelena goes after her daughter, and Rogers learns the truth about Eloise Gardener.

Episode 10: The Eighth Witch

43min - When Drizella threatens the realm with a dark curse, Henry and Ella craft a plan to keep Lucy safe. Roni seeks out her sister in San Francisco.

Episode 9: One Little Tear

43min - Victoria's quest to awaken Anastasia unlocks the truth about her surprising backstory. Rogers suspects Weaver is up to something.

Episode 8: Pretty in Blue

43min - A portal takes Henry and Ella to Wonderland, where Ella reveals ties to a twisty past. Jacinda resurrects a relationship in a bid to get Lucy back.

Episode 7: Eloise Gardener

43min - Hook tangles with a dark magic on his quest for revenge. In Hyperion Heights, Rogers's obsession with Eloise Gardener leads to a shocking discovery.

Episode 6: Wake Up Call

43min - An oddly familiar photograph prompts Roni to do some digging -- which is precisely what Ivy wants. Regina warns Drizella about the dangers of revenge.

Episode 5: Greenbacks

43min - Sabine and Jacinda cook up a plan to keep their home when Victoria raises the rent. A troubled Tiana seeks help from a smooth-talking soothsayer.

Episode 4: Beauty

43min - Lucy opts for tricks over treats when an unenthused Ivy takes her out on Halloween. A scrappy informant sparks memories of Weaver's storybook past.

Episode 3: The Garden of Forking Paths

43min - Roni and Jacinda rally the locals to save the community garden. Cinderella joins the resistance against Lady Tremaine.

Episode 2: A Pirate's Life

43min - Weaver and Rogers start working together, and Henry tries for a second chance with Jacinda. Hook comes face to face with an oddly familiar foe.

Episode 1: Hyperion Heights

43min - A knock on the door changes everything for Henry Mills -- now a struggling writer living in Seattle -- when a girl shows up saying she's his daughter.