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Lorne Michaels

27min - 'SNL' creator Lorne Michaels looks back at the show's history, the 'cold open' concept, the honesty of live TV, the Sinéad O'Connor incident and more.

Billy Joe Shaver

32min - Outlaw country legend Billy Joe Shaver performs and talks to Norm about his country friends and heroes and something called a 'two-hole outhouse.'

Michael Keaton

30min - Michael Keaton pitches a country music tour to Norm, and discusses his encounters with Van Morrison, film noir and coming up as a stand-up comic.

M. Night Shyamalan

26min - M. Night Shyamalan opens up about being an artist in an Indian family of doctors, how he got into Hollywood and the balance between instinct and craft.

Chevy Chase

30min - Chevy Chase and Norm bond over their shared 'Weekend Update' experience and talk about 'Caddyshack,' 'Three Amigos' and the challenge of live TV.

Jane Fonda

28min - Jane Fonda and Norm chat about aging, her husbands, her struggle with faith, her portrayal of Nancy Reagan and Levon Helm's barn.

David Letterman

30min - David Letterman chats with Norm about his beard, communicating with his son, his brief stint on a failed variety show and why he never hosted 'SNL.'

Judge Judy

31min - Judge Judy Sheindlin discusses her love of Paul Newman, being on a cruise with Judge Wapner, her philosophy about financial generosity and more.

Drew Barrymore

34min - Drew Barrymore joins Norm to discuss her childhood and career, as well as vampires, unsolicited pictures from guys, sunsets, animals and much more.

David Spade

35min - Norm's former 'SNL' co-star David Spade talks about his first time on the 'Tonight Show,' snorting B12 for a movie role, 'Just Shoot Me' and more.

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