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Episode #1.8

44min - Erling agrees to head Rolf's security detail and learns who sent the Zamani text. A Kabul meeting turns explosive. The Nobel Peace Prize is announced.

Episode #1.7

43min - Johanne tells the foreign minister about Hektor's deal. Rolf's meeting in Afghanistan goes wrong. Adella helps Jon Petter have a change of heart.

Episode #1.6

43min - Johanne becomes increasingly distant from Erling. Erling and Jon Petter find a connection to Fruit for Life. Johanne realizes Hektor has been lying.

Episode #1.5

44min - Erling is exposed in the press and struggles to find his bearings. In Afghanistan, Zamani is placed on a kill list. Johanne is pulled into the fray.

Episode #1.4

45min - The foreign minister's secret meeting in Afghanistan is a prelude to a PR disaster in Norway. Jon Petter goes on TV. A reporter gets an explosive tip.

Episode #1.3

44min - In Afghanistan, the platoon deals with grief. Ekeberg suspends Erling. Johanne offers some help. Jon Petter takes his A-game to Zamani's goat fight.

Episode #1.2

44min - Past events in Afghanistan have implications for Erling's decision in Oslo. Johanne learns about Zamani from her boss. Erling makes an important call.

Episode #1.1

1h 26min - During a military operation in Afghanistan, Erling unintentionally touches a woman. Back in Norway, Erling discovers the woman's husband beating her.