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Episode 10: Bekännelsen

33min - With nowhere to run, a cornered Nick confronts the Thompsons and comes clean. But she's got one last trick up her sleeve.

Episode 9: Bankfacket

28min - Nick moves forward with the bank heist so she can finally pay off her father's debts. Jeremy plans a special evening -- and wants it to be perfect.

Episode 8: Valfusket

32min - A scandal threatens Jeremy's presidency. Back at the restaurant, Liz and Molly sift through the evidence to try and figure out who set them up.

Episode 7: Råttfångaren

30min - When "Top Chef" sends a camera crew to Crescendo, Nick unleashes a plan involving rats -- and a Franzelli's regular -- to shut it all down.

Episode 6: Recensenten

30min - Nick concocts a scam to teach Molly a much-needed lesson. Ed and Jeremy cook up a challenge to help Liz ace her "Top Chef" interview.

Episode 5: Konkurrenten

30min - A flashback episode reveals the origins of Nick's revenge plot against the Thompsons -- and the family's role in ruining her life.

Episode 4: Håll ögonen på damen

27min - Nick sets her sights on scamming Ed's wealthiest banking client. But an increasingly suspicious Molly is watching Nick's every move.

Episode 3: Den trojanska hästen

31min - A '90s-themed day at school brings Liz face to face with her former rival. Nick confronts Will -- then sends the Harbaughs a message.

Episode 2: Pokerturneringen

30min - Nick partners with a handsome new student to stack the deck at a charity poker tournament, where the Volunteer Squad questions Molly's leadership.

Episode 1: Bankjobbet

29min - Ed brings Nick and Molly to the bank for Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, while Liz and Jeremy ask questions at the social services office.