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Episode 6: Fails from the Crypt

32min - For once, the horror begins before the cooking starts. To impress the Willy Wonka of Mexico, the bakers sculpt scary monsters, including a Chupacabra.

Episode 5: Sweet Explosion

32min - In a colorful celebration of childhood that would make any kid cry, the befuddled bakers attempt to make rainbow doughnuts and a candy-laden cake.

Episode 4: Party Foul

32min - Happy hour turns sad when tequila-infused cocktail cupcakes go wrong. Meanwhile, the afterparty spins into hilarity with a DJ-topped turntable cake.

Episode 3: For Butter or Worse

33min - So. Much. Drama. In two telenovela-inspired challenges overseen by famed baker Sylvia Weinstock, bowls break, cookies crumble and wedding cakes teeter.

Episode 2: Blood, Sweet and Tiers

32min - With luchador Psycho Clown watching, the bakers struggle to make cake pops in the form of masked wrestlers and a dessert shaped like a soccer stadium.

Episode 1: Birthday Blunders

34min - Contestants create smashed piñata cakes and ambitious quinceañera centerpieces. But will a can opener be one competitor's undoing?