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On est des Champions

34min - The cooks go for the win, attempting World Cup cakes and sweets that almost resemble soccer stars while comedian Waly Dia watches with wonder.

Tronches de Cake

34min - Bad bakers become even worse artists as they create sketchy shortbread renderings of the judges and a busted bust of Céline Dion for comic Nadia Roz.

Made in France

34min - Overseen by chocolatier Jacques Torres, the contenders mold cupcakes into lumpy French icons and try to assemble picnic baskets out of chocolate cake.

Gatastrophes Givrées

34min - Winter has come. Actor Jérôme Niel judges global-warming muffins that look cool, but hide molten hearts, and cakes that qualify as titanic disasters.

Plan Coeur

34min - Love hurts as the bakers turn innocent choux buns into 'love monsters' and sweet joyrides into culinary roadkill. Actress Joséphine Draï guest-judges.

Sea, Cake & Surf

34min - Channeling summer vibes, the contestants break eggs and appliances to create beached croque monsieurs and wipeout surf cakes for actor Tom Villa.