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Episode 10: The Atomic Brain

1h 31min - Atomic energy works more wonders in this 1963 horror film about a wealthy elderly woman who plots to transplant her brain into a young servant's body.

Episode 9: The Beast of Yucca Flats

1h 31min - The pals heckle their way through a notorious sci-fi dud featuring a Soviet defector who's transformed into a killing machine by an atomic blast.

Episode 8: Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell

1h 30min - The smug hero, goofy accessories and laughable fight scenes in this 1988 fantasy flick make for irresistible riff bait for Mike and the gang.

Episode 7: Gunslinger

1h 31min - Joel and the bots plan their own funerals between scenes of a Roger Corman Western about a widow-turned-marshal who sets out to clean up her town.

Episode 6: The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies

1h 31min - A slacker walks into a carnival -- and walks out a murderous zombie -- in this 1964 lemon featuring a scheming fortune teller and her alluring sister.

Episode 5: Bride of the Monster

1h 31min - Ed Wood serves up more juicy fodder for the crew with this 1955 classic starring Bela Lugosi as a mad scientist cooking up an army of supermen.

Episode 4: The Sinister Urge

1h 31min - After a creepy tutorial on hygiene, Mike and crew wade into an Ed Wood schlockfest about a murder spree linked to a pornographic movie ring.

Episode 3: The Beatniks

1h 31min - The bots go gaga for Tony Travis, who stars as a small-time criminal torn between his no-good gang of friends and a lucrative singing career.

Episode 2: Hobgoblins

1h 31min - Pearl subjects Mike and pals to a low-budget '80s horror flick featuring a young security guard and alien puppets with freaky powers.

Episode 1: The Day the Earth Froze

1h 31min - After a quick trip to Clyde Beatty's circus, Joel and the bots dissect a 1959 fantasy film steeped in Nordic mythology and stilted romance.