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Episode #1.24

1h 37min - Joseon remains steadfast. The Righteous Army perseveres on its course. Ae Shin keeps her flame ablaze, while Hee Sung, Dong Mae and Eugene try to help.

Episode #1.23

1h 21min - Seeing the explosion, Hee Sung, Dong Mae and Eugene fear the worst. The world's indifference dismays Emperor Gojong, but Joseon's defiance gets bolder.

Episode #1.22

1h 21min - Emperor Gojong tries to shield the nation but is thrust into an impasse. Finding herself behind the eight ball, Ae Shin concedes that words have power.

Episode #1.21

1h 16min - Called an American imperialist, Eugene later asks Ae Shin why she persists in a futile cause. Hee Sung helps Ae Shin out of a bind. An ally joins Ae Shin.

Episode #1.20

1h 21min - The Righteous Army retaliates against Japanese troops and Ae-sin seeks justice. War breaks out in Joseon -- and Eugene gets orders to return to the U.S.

Episode #1.19

1h 17min - Lady Ae-sin loses a part of herself. Lord Go counters mounting imperialist schemes, Hui-seong avenges Ae-sin and Emperor Gojong strikes down a snake.

Episode #1.18

1h 17min - Eugene contends with a viperous imperialist. Seeing Lord Go’s incarceration, Hui-seong publishes a special edition. Ae-sin snubs a Japanese official.

Episode #1.17

1h 16min - After giving up that which means the most to him, Hui-seong gets a friend a gift. Lord Go leads an urgent appeal, and Ae-sin faces Japanese troops.

Episode #1.16

1h 17min - Hee Sung starts a newspaper and makes a personal sacrifice. Lord Go marshals support, Ae Shin imagines a different life, and Eugene goes to the palace.

Episode #1.15

1h 18min - A disquieting sight vexes Emperor Gojong. Ae Shin defies Lord Go, Eugene refuses to forgive, and Hee Sung visits the Go Family estate.

Episode #1.14

1h 14min - Eugene gets devastating news, Dong Mae is apprehended, Ae Shin asks Hina for help and Hee Sung comes to the rescue when Eugene finds himself cornered.

Episode #1.13

1h 19min - Ae Shin and Eugene take a ride out to the sea. A nefarious scoundrel takes great interest in Hee Sung and Eugene. Lord Go Sa Hong meets with Hee Sung.

Episode #1.12

1h 14min - Reaffirming her commitment, Ae Shin stands by her decision. While she makes an unexpected pact over castella cake, Eugene investigates an old photograph.

Episode #1.11

1h 14min - Ae Shin apologizes to Eugene, but he hopes that she'll keep fighting for her Joseon. Hee Sung takes a streetcar ride with Ae Shin and proposes a plan.

Episode #1.10

1h 14min - The emperor seeks Eugene’s aid. Hui-seong visits the tailor. Ae-sin feels conflicted after hearing Eugene’s story, but later sees him on a snowy night.

Episode #1.9

1h 13min - Eugene wants to know why Ae-sin can’t pull back, but her path is with the Righteous Army. Hui-seong disagrees with Ae-sin and offers an alternative.

Episode #1.8

1h 8min - Despite being advised to lay low as a noble lady, Ae Shin undertakes a dangerous operation. Eugene makes a surprising move and Hee Sung probes his past.

Episode #1.7

1h 13min - Ae-sin learns love’s real meaning and crushes a thug. Emperor Gojong asserts Joseon’s authority. Eugene reveals his Korean name to Ae-sin.

Episode #1.6

1h 9min - Ae-sin gets a new mission. Eugene, Dong-mae and Hui-seong have something in common. Eugene delves into his past, and finally gives Ae-sin his answer.

Episode #1.5

1h 13min - Ae-sin meets Hui-seong for coffee at the hotel. Eugene deals with Japanese troops at the U.S. legation, and wants to know why Ae-sin defends Joseon.

Episode #1.4

1h 8min - Suspicions run deep as U.S. troops lose a gun on a train. Ae-sin shows Dong-mae compassion, Hui-seong returns to Joseon, and Eugene considers revenge.

Episode #1.3

1h 8min - In an age of imported coffee and fashions, Ae-sin prefers her German gun, but wonders what the English word “love” means and whether Eugene is a friend.

Episode #1.2

1h 10min - The empress has been murdered: For Ae-sin, words are useless against rapacious foreign powers; she’ll take up arms instead. Eugene gets a new post.

Episode #1.1

1h 13min - Joseon stands firm against U.S. incursion. Yu-jin survives in America -- as Eugene. Ae-sin knows that great change is afoot with global ramifications.

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