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Episode 13: November

21min - Puzzled by the continued absence of the Moomin family, the inhabitants of Moominvalley try their best to welcome new guest, Toffle.

Episode 12: Moomintroll & The Seahorses

22min - Being stuck on the island with his parents, Moomintroll realises he needs his own space - so he starts his own secret adventure.

Episode 11: Moominmamma's Mural

22min - Moominmamma is so homesick that she finds a magical way to travel back to Moominvalley - until she becomes trapped!

Moominpappa's Island

22min - Moominpappa is desperate to guide his family and prove that they can thrive on a desolate island - but it only seems to push them further apart.

Farewell Snorkmaiden

22min - Moomintroll decides to move into his own place with Snorkmaiden. But is he ready to give up the care and comfort of Moominmamma and Moominpappa?

Episode 8: The Trial

22min - A trial is set to find the rightful owner of a mysterious ruby. But in fighting over the precious gem, what truths will be revealed?

Thingumy & Bob

21min - In his desire for independence, Moomintroll pushes Moominmamma away. But he soon becomes jealous when she finds a new outlet for her motherly love.

The Hobgoblin's Hat

22min - Moomintroll and his friends find a magical and mysterious hat. While fun to begin with, they soon realise that the hat is dangerous.

Episode 5: The Strange Case Of Mrs Fillyjonk

22min - When Moominmamma is accused of an unlikely crime, Moomintroll turns detective to try to save her. Can he succeed where his father couldn't?

Little My Moves Out

22min - When Moomintroll gets his wish to be free of the troublesome Little My, he soon comes to regret it.

Moominpappa & Son

22min - In an attempt to set a good example for his family, Moominpappa decides to get a job. But all is not what it seems...

The Fire Spirit

22min - As the valley evacuates under the threat of volcanic eruption, Moomintroll helps Snufkin on a perilous quest to return a lost fire spirit to her home.

Episode 1: Moomin's Winter Follies

22min - When a charismatic winter sports champion arrives in the valley, Moomintroll struggles to win back Snorkmaiden's affections.