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Episode 15: Expanding Culinary Horizons in Zurich, Switzerland

6min - Alyssa heads to Zurich, Switzerland, a city that is quickly becoming the culinary capital of the Swiss region, enjoying all the tastes from the street to the world's best and oldest established restaurants. A local doctoral candidate teaches Alyssa about public water fountains, Alyssa takes a peek in the kitchen to see how Rosti is made, and explores the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world.

Episode 14: Hand-Making Swiss Army Knives in Geneva, Switzerland

5min - In this leg of her European voyage, Alyssa visits the Château des Bois to experience one of Swiss's best-kept secret: it's fine wines. After colorful rooftop cocktails at Hotel Geneva, Alyssa takes an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Swiss chocolate-making and learns to makes her own Swiss Army Knife at its original home, Victorinox.

Episode 13: Diving into Adventure While Canyoning in Interlaken, Switzerland

6min - Alyssa puts her athleticism and bravery to the test when she heads to Interlaken, Switzerland. In the adventure capital of Europe, she takes us climbing up a mountainside in the Swiss alps and slides down the rushing water. After canyoning and a brave attempt at tree-top line walking, Alyssa takes a train ride to the top of Europe and basks in the views at a mountaintop restaurant.

Episode 12: Testing Out the Biggest, Hardest Cheese in Bern, Switzerland

6min - Alyssa flies to Bern, Switzerland, a UNESCO World Heritage Site full of history and unique sites. After trying out the most popular stinky hard cheeses in Switzerland at a local farmer's market, Alyssa hangs with the natives and takes the plunge into the 18-degree River Aare. She enjoys another locals-only treat when she visits a local gelato shop and serves up scoops.

Episode 11: Walking the Ocean Floor in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

6min - While most travelers choose to visit metropolitan locales likes Toronto, Alyssa shows us the small-town sites in Moncton, New Bruncwick. After helping a local chef smoke some salmon, she checks on fresh blueberry beer at Pump House Brewery. After checking out the town, Alyssa checks out high tide at the Bay of Fundy for a low-tide walk on the ocean floor followed by a high-tide kayaking session.

Episode 10: Discovering the Magic of Absinthe in Caraquet, New Brunswick, Canada

6min - Alyssa Caverley tours Caraquet, New Brunswick in Eastern Canada. While exploring this French-speaking region known as Acadia, she goes clamming with the help of an Acadian chef, makes her first East coast clam bake, learns about traditional absinthe from a local French-Acadian brewer, and enjoys the small-town charm of a farm-to-table restaurant.

Episode 9: Releasing Baby Lobsters in Shediac, New Brunswick, Canada

6min - Alyssa decides to find out why New Brunswick, Canada is known as the lobster capital of the world. With the help of a local conservationist, Alyssa releases a batch of two-week old lobsters back into the harbor with hopes that they will have better chances of survival.

Episode 8: Wrestling with Eels in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

5min - Alyssa explores the biggest city in New Brunswick-Saint John, a booming port city with a small-town feel. In this city, there's always something to do (and eat), and always some friendly local faces to share it with. At the Saint John Ale House, she meets up with local Top Chef competitor Jesse Vergen and learns how to cook up some fresh eel.

Episode 7: Shakespeare by the Seaside in St.Ives, Cornwall, England

6min - After a fog-enveloped drive through the English countryside, Alyssa explores the food, culture, and castles of Cornwall. Tucked away in St. Ives rests a cliffside, stone-carved amphitheater originally designed for a production of Shakespeare's 'The Tempest.' Alyssa tries her first classic Cornwall Pasty, and checks out the stunning St. Michael's Mount.

Episode 6: Getting Spooky at the Jamaica Inn in Padstow, Cornwall, England

6min - Nestled on the Western coast of England, Padstow boasts the freshest sea food amongst English oceanside charm. At the Cornwall Cooking School, Alyssa tries her hand at cooking live crab and finds that it's as dangerous as it is difficult. After preparing a delicious seafood stew, Alyssa goes ghost hunting at the Jamaica Inn, a residency of storied fame that offers paranormal detective sessions.

Episode 5: Fish & Chips & Puppet Bears at Convent Garden in London, England

5min - From the time-honored and traditional to the fresh and modern, Alyssa discovers what London, England has to offer. Amongst the array of accommodations, Alyssa checks out tea time with a modern twist at the Athenaeum Hotel. From shopping the endless stands of hand crafted goods and art at Covent Garden to enjoying the best plate of fish and chips, Alyssa goes beyond the touristy-side of London.

Episode 4: Surfing, Ferraris, and the Sexy David Beckham in Newquay, England

6min - England has a lot more to see than just London. Alyssa discovers a surprising corner of of the English coast when she visits Newquay, Cornwall. Her hotel treats her to the RockStar experience after she requests a hot car with a hot guy and finds the keys to a Ferrari waiting for her. After her joy ride with David Beckham (kind of), Alyssa catches some waves off the Newquay coast

Scotch Malt Whiskey Trail

7min - In the heart of Scotland, Alyssa explores the world of Scotch Malt Whiskey with the help of her driver Ken. On the Scotch Malt Whiskey Trail, Alyssa learns how to properly appreciate a glass of Scotch. In Macallan, she visits a world-famous distiller and enjoys a tasting session. At the Craigellechie, she gets exposure to the budding trend of whiskey and food pairings.

Shearing Sheep and Playing with Puppies in the Scottish Highlands

8min - The Scottish Highlands aren't just home to the Loch Ness monster-as Alyssa finds out, it's home to rolling green hills, and a life of shepherding and fly fishing. After an afternoon of playing with pup sheep dogs, she takes in local live music at the world-famous Hootenanny. From sheep shearing to chowing down on some homemade haggis, the Highlands are full of adventure and charm.

Edinburgh, Scotland

8min - One of the most historic cities in Scotland, Edinburgh boasts an impressive stone castle alongside its world-famous scotch. With the help of the Balmoral's whiskey ambassador, Alyssa discovers the craft and distinction of the national drink of choice. Alyssa discovers the history of her family clan while visiting Howie Nicholsby's kilt shop and watches as her friends get a custom kilt fitting.