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Coracle, Oxalis, Hodge & Huggett - Modern British

1h - The panel looks beyond fish and chips toward elevated homegrown cuisine, sampling short ribs with celeriac, a sweet corn dish and slow-roasted duck.

Episode 5: Tiger Bites, Burmese Kitchen, Really Rice - Grab-and-Go

1h - Ambitious takeaway concepts serve up crispy fried chicken on Taiwanese bao buns, a fish chowder from Burma and rice bowls with an international flair.

Sustainable Food Story, Skaus, Devi's - Sustainable

1h - Eyeing a trend in sustainable eating, the investors taste dishes from an ethical café, a seasonal Nordic pop-up and a plant-based fusion food stall.

MATR, Pilgrim, Blue Caribou Canteen - New International

1h - Adventurous plates from around the world include bold Scandinavian flavors, a new take on regional Spanish food, and poutine, a Canadian classic.

Baba G's, KraPow, XXVI - New Asian

1h - An Indian burger stall, a Thai street-food concept and an Indian-Nepalese pop-up tempt the panel with competing takes on Asian cuisine.

The Duck Truck, BBQ Dreamz & Jah Jyot - Fast Casual

1h - Investors weigh the potential of quickly prepared, high-quality duck dishes, inventive Filipino flavors and authentic Indian street food.