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Episode 26: Sista slaget

24min - Sara and Mia take a slight detour before school, and in Centopia, the final battle begins. Meanwhile, Sara discovers that being blind is a boon.

Episode 25: Sov så gott

24min - Sara has to decide where she will attend school. And in Centopia, the elves are struggling with a puzzle that absolutely has to be put back together.

Episode 24: Se i mörkret

24min - Mia is missing in both the real world and in Centopia. Where is she? And can Sara overcome her disability and find her friend?

Episode 23: Kuppen i det mörka slottet

23min - Sara and Mia are trying to find a way to get to Centopia together. And in Centopia, Drakon is ecstatic about the spread of the thorny vines.

Episode 22: Tillbaka till kristallgrottan

23min - Mia's bracelet breaks in the real world. And in Centopia, the elves embark on a quest that shows them the best and worst versions of themselves.

Episode 21: Ziggo flyttar

23min - Mia and Sara are caught in a thunderstorm and in Centopia, the vines are spreading over everything. Ziggo proves his value as another shard surfaces.

Episode 20: Tillbaks till Regnbågsön

24min - Mia and Sara head to Stella's for ice cream and in Centopia, a dragon listens in on Dax and Gargona's latest unicorn-snatching plan.

Episode 19: Den blygaste enhörningen

24min - Sara is finally learning about Centopia and the unicorns are concerned about the thorny vines overtaking their fields. The elves disagree on a plan.

Episode 18: Den enorma fjärilen

23min - Mia and Mo help a butterfly break out of its cocoon and Phuddle's latest invention softens clothes. But Dax gets in the way of a first flight.

Episode 17: Pingvin med problem

23min - Bringing a penguin from the far north to the warm center of Centopia is downright mean. Meanwhile, Mia and the elves try to set things straight.

Episode 16: Hjärtenhörningen

23min - The Northern Wind blowing through Centopia is unusually strong and cold. Even the villains are shivering while inventing new ways to stay warm.

Episode 15: Månfnatt

24min - It's Mia's birthday in the real world and a full moon in Centopia. The dual occasions call for celebration from both humans and elves alike.

Episode 14: Monstervarning

24min - Fabio is still afraid of horses in the real world, and in the elven world, a monster lurks about. Mo and Mia start a hunt for the beast.

Episode 13: Stopp och frys

23min - With some teamwork, the elves and unicorns find a way to work with nature instead of against it. And in the real world, Mia focuses on a chicken coop.

Episode 12: Hitta Simo

23min - Mia, Yuko and Mo embark on a new quest to find elves who left a long time ago. And in the real world, Mia's friends are overcoming their fears.

Episode 11: Lysande pilar

23min - Eavesdropping on a friend leads to a fissure between Yuko and the others. Meanwhile, Dax and Gargona follow a path leading to the foggy mountains.

Episode 10: Livets cirkel

23min - The elves lead Dax and his buddies on a wild goose chase while Mia and Kyara take a trip and wind up helping some birdies get out of trouble.

Episode 9: Efter kvällen blir det dag

23min - The nightvine is spreading and Mia is racing to save dragon eggs before it's too late. The Sun Unicorn is the only one who can help, but will he?

Episode 8: Ett rättvist byte

23min - Will love, money or food be enough to pay for the next heart shard? Mia and Mo are about to find out, but only after they perform an animal rescue.

Episode 7: Phuddle flyttar

23min - Gargona and Dax visit Polytheus, who has something that everybody in Centopia desperately wants. Phuddle has an exciting new pink invention.

Episode 6: Lilla skatt

23min - Onchao is tired of looking after his baby sister Kyara all day, so Mia steps in to help. While foal-sitting, she ponders the next part of the riddle.

Episode 5: Systerbråk

23min - Real-life school problems and Centopia sibling issues send Mia on a wild hunt for the next Heart Crystal.

Episode 4: Pan-Kungens hemlighet

23min - The very heart of Centopia hangs in the balance and Mo, Mia and Yuko spring into action to save it. Meanwhile, the Pan King accuses them of theft.

Episode 3: Kungen & drottningen sover

23min - The king and queen try to stop the nightvine, but they succumb to it instead. Now, Mia and Onchao have to find a way to wake up the royals.

Episode 2

23min - Mia meets the new enemy: the bug men. Meanwhile, Onchao is learning to control his powers, but he has limitations.

Episode 1

23min - Mia is excited when Lyria's baby unicorn, Kyara, is born. Mia also discovers Onchao's new powers when he protects his mom and sister from an enemy.