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The Fate of the City

The heart has been torn out of the Medici family. After all the painful sacrifices suffered to realize a dream, one life-or-death decision remains.

Lost Souls

An uneasy peace settles on the Medici household and an ailing Lorenzo. Yet Florence is rife with rumors stirred up by Savonarola, and enemies circle.

A Man of No Importance

Ardinghelli turns up the pressure on the Medicis. Later, Lorenzo brings together Botticelli and da Vinci, and Bruno revisits an old foe: his family.

The Holy See

In a Rome racked by chaos, Lorenzo and Clarice scramble to safeguard peace. But at what cost? Savonarola preaches to a growing flock back in Florence.


Seven years later, on the eve of a peace conference, Riario's men seize Ferrara, drawing Lorenzo into a savage game. Lucrezia confides in Clarice.


Lorenzo makes an audacious appeal to an enemy. But after learning of a new attack, he must use all his wiles to save Florence — and his own life.

The Ten

Embattled, Lorenzo vows to never let Florence fall yet faces internal opposition. Savonarola clashes with leadership as wives exert their influence.


Lorenzo's political skills are tested when the pope excommunicates Florence. Giuliano’s son materializes, and Medici's head must reach into his heart.