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Episode 8: USA vs. Theodore J. Kaczynski

43min - When Ted fails to have evidence against him thrown out, Fitz makes one last effort to convince Ted to plead guilty.

Episode 7: Lincoln

42min - Fitz and his team must find enough evidence to secure a warrant for Ted's arrest before a reporter shares news of the FBI's investigation.

Episode 6: Ted

43min - In a letter to his brother, Ted recounts an important figure from his childhood and delves into how his inability to form relationships haunts him.

Episode 5: Abri

43min - David Kaczynski receives some good news about the FBI's investigation into his brother but things take a turn when Fitz pays David a visit.

Episode 4: Publish or Perish

42min - The Unabomber insists that he will halt bombing if his manifesto is published, a decision that ultimately lies with Attorney General Janet Reno.

Episode 3: Fruit of the Poisonous Tree

43min - In 1995, a new linguist helps Fitz and his team in their search for clues. In 1997, Ted and Fitz debate their legacies.

Episode 2: Pure Wudder

43min - In 1995, Fitz must determine if the Unabomber's threat to blow up a jet is credible. Years later, the two meet face-to-face.

Episode 1: UNABOM

43min - In 1995, new FBI profiler Jim Fitzgerald is asked to join the task force charged with identifying and arresting the terrorist known as the Unabomber.