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Episode 8

44min - In the season finale, the three top champions return to Bear Mountain to compete in a supersized competition with grizzlies Bart, Honey Bump, and Tank.

Episode 7

44min - A triathlete, a former football player, and an elite bow hunter compete face to face with three of America's most powerful land predators.

Episode 6

44min - A fire captain who saw his best friend attacked by a grizzly returns to face his fear. A Polynesian fire dancer stuns Bart the bear with his first ever defeat.

Episode 5

44min - Bart the Bear faces the mightiest human yet in national arm-wrestling champion Bruce. MMA fighter Jesse fights for a chance at a cage match with a grizzly.

Episode 4

43min - A Highland Games strongman, an Alaska Trooper, and an airline aircraft handler compete against the grizzlies at Bear Mountain for fame or humiliation.

Episode 3

43min - A bodyguard, a firefighter and an ultra-fit football coach take on three grizzlies in a gauntlet of challenges. Each discovers how badly bears don't like to lose.

Episode 2

43min - An Army veteran, an ultra-marathoner, and a world record weightlifter take on Bart, Honey Bump, and Tank in challenges of strength, speed, and strategy.

Episode 1: Flying Scotsman

44min - A Boomer, Millennial, and Gen X-er come face to face with three grizzly bears in a never-before-attempted competition of speed, strength, and strategy.