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Episode 13: Louie, draw me a Marmot

6min - Louie and Sophie are arguing over a football match. Yoko's the referee but she's had enough, she can't even manage to whistle! Who'll be able to referee the match in her place? Louie draws a marmot, but the one thing she wants to do: is to play football as well...

Episode 12: Louie, draw me a Caravan

6min - Louie and Yoko meet a clown and a donkey who are going to give circus performance. But they can't stop dropping everything that they're carrying: they're going to ne late! To help transport their equipment and to save the show, Louie and Yoko draw a circus caravan.

Episode 11: Louie, draw me a Genie

6min - Louie, Yoko and Sophie have found an old box in the attic. They think they've discovered some hidden wonders. But by way of treasure there's only an old dusty carpet and a holey handkerchief... Yoko and Sophie are disappointed. Louie draws a genie to turn these objects into real treasure!

Episode 10: Louie, draw me a Marmot

6min - A witch violently lands in Louie and Yoko's garden. She has a terrible sense of direction which leads to her fair share of falls! Louie draws her a bat who will help her find her bearings.

Episode 9: Louie, draw me a Genie

6min - Sophie has prepared a surprise party for Louie and Yoko. But her recipes are rather... "orginial"! Louie and Yoko will never be able to finish it all! So as not to waste it all, Louie draws an ogre. With his huge appetite, he'll gobble it all up!

Episode 8: Louie, draw me a Brown Bat

6min - Louie and Yoko are peacefully fishing beside the ponds, when meet a beaver collecting wood for his dam. Louie and Yoko offer to help the beaver carry his wool. For that Louie draws a hovercraft

Episode 7: Louie, draw me an Ogre

6min - Louie, Sophie and Yoko have written their letters to Santa, but they realise they haven't got a Christmas Tree. Where will Santa put their presents? Louie and Yoko draw a beautiful Christmas Tree

Episode 6: Louie, draw me a Christmas Tree

6min - Louie and Yoko are together on the beach when a whale is beached on the sand. How will they get it back into the water? The whale's too heavy to carry, so they'll have to dig a channel for the seawater to reach it. To do this Louie draws a digger.

Episode 5: Louie, draw me a Dustbin Lorry

6min - Louie and Yoko are having a picnic when they're interrupted by a squirrel who finishes off everything that they've laid out. What can they do so that this spring clean doesn't harm the environment? Louie draws a dustbin lorry to take the rubbish away.

Episode 4: Louie, draw me a Lama

6min - Louie and Yoko are hiking. Yoko 's a little discouraged because she thinks they're lost. Louie reassures her that there's an animal who can help them - the lama, who possesses two qualities: he's a good hiker and good carrier. But be careful, the lama is a very sensitive creature.

Episode 3: Louie, draw me an Ambulance

6min - Louie, Yoko and Sophie are out on a walk. But Sophie's exhausted, she hurts all over and cannot go on. How is she going to get home? To cheer Sophie up, Louie pretends to me a paramedic and draws an ambulance.

Episode 2: Louie, draw me a Hedgehog.

6min - Louie and Yoko notice that a slug's slyly nibbling away at the lettuces in their vegetable patch. To catch it, Louie, draws a hedgehog, but it's so frightened he rolls into a ball! So Louie draws a second hedgehog who proves to be much more effective.

Episode 1: Louie, draw me a Police Car

6min - Louie, Yoko and Sophie are playing cobs and robbers. Sophie's escaping in her getaway car with the loot. She quickly shrugs off the two policemen, Louie and Yoko, who don't have a vehicle. How ever will they catch Sophie? Louie draws a police car.

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