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Episode 43: It's harder to end a story than to begin one!

1h 4min - Life goes on one year after Leyla’s death. Ramadan celebrations are in full swing.

Episode 42: Would They Return?

1h 42min - Yavuz is thrown a bachelor party by the people of Kirecburnu. In the morning, they find themselves in a hotel room.

Episode 41: Mrs. Fortune Teller

1h 36min - Leyla starts to worry about the future and tells Mecnun that he should also worry. A heartbroken Nisan goes to Suna for comfort.

Episode 40: Earning Money

1h 41min - Mecnun gets his friends together to make Leyla a special meal. Meanwhile, Hidayet follows Suna around to learn what she has done.

Episode 39: Kirecburnu's 100th Year Anniversary of Liberation

1h 30min - Leyla is planning the celebrations for the 100th anniversary of the saving of Kirecburnu. Nobody knows what really happened. That is Mecnun’s job.

Episode 38: Hero

1h 36min - Leyla never leaves her hero Hidayet’s side. When Mecnun sees this, he gets angry. Meanwhile, Eylul is constantly working and is not speaking to Yavuz.

Episode 37: Tom Waits

1h 35min - Mecnun goes after Tom Waits while Suna goes after Bilal. Now Hidayet is seen as a hero by everyone.

Episode 36: Kill Bilal

1h 29min - Mecnun decides that forgetting about Leyla is the best thing for both of them. So everyone helps him try to meet other girls.

Episode 35: If You Love Her, Don't Make Her Sad; If You Don't, Don't Play Wıth Her Emotions

1h 35min - Suna decides to take her work even farther. Meanwhile, Erdal is still in the insane asylum, and Yavuz is caught by the police while on a job.

Episode 34: Sacrifice

1h 43min - Ak Sakalli and Karabasan continue to play chess, and Karabasan takes Ak Sakalli’s rook. They lose their houses because of debts to Iskender.

Episode 33: The Chance

1h 41min - Nadya The Band, from the Dostoyveski show, goes to film a music video at Iskender’s place. Yavuz falls and injures his neck.

Episode 32: The Mom

1h 31min - Mecnun is always by Leyla’s side, but as a result of his jealousy, Leyla has difficulties at her job. He has to leave her alone, but can’t.

Episode 31: The Future

1h 36min - The neighborhood continues to live on boats after the explosion. When Mecnun finally comes to, he is alone on the rocks and Leyla is locked up.

Episode 30: The Machine

1h 37min - Yavuz and Mecnun have been isolated. Meanwhile, Iskender is in trouble because of something that was found in the trunk of his taxi.

Episode 29: In Your Absence

1h 36min - Omer is given the keys to Hidayet’s tire store. Erdal gets a letter from prison. Kaan and Derya help execute the escape.

Episode 28: What If Dosto Falls in Love

1h 32min - Omer is unhappy, so he decides to guest star on a women’s TV show. Meanwhile, Yavuz is ready to marry Eylul, and goes to Erdal to ask for permission.

Episode 27: Goodbye from Yavuz

1h 33min - Omer is unhappy, so he decides to guest star on a women’s TV show. Meanwhile, Yavuz is ready to marry Eylul, and goes to Erdal to ask for permission.

Episode 26: Metonya Battle I

1h 32min - Metin has been staying with Iskender ever since he sold Metonya. Everyone in the house is tired of Metin. Meanwhile, Erdal sells his store.

Episode 25: Melul's Path

1h 30min - Melul is dead. The crime happened in front of Erdal’s store. Everyone suspects Kaan, but he is nowhere to be seen.

Episode 24: Nigde

1h 36min - Mecnun has not heard from Leyla, so he asks everyone including Hidayet to try to find her. Meanwhile, Leyla is with Omer on a farm in Nigde.

Episode 23: Death

1h 35min - Mecnun constantly talks to Leyla about the past, and she is heartbroken. Everyone is unhappy about their problems, and there is news of a death.

Episode 22: Legends

1h 36min - A dream about his past leads Yavuz to propose to Eylül. Hidayet takes Leyla to a room of teleporting mirrors, and Mecnun goes on a hunt to find her.

Episode 21: Fear of Separation

1h 39min - Leyla and Mecnun start to have dreams where they are constantly abandoned. Omer and Iskender feel bad and try to do something about these dreams.

Episode 20: The Market

1h 40min - A hurricane hits Kirecburnu. Leyla and Mecnun go to get supplies but do not return. Meanwhile, the first episode of Dostoyevski goes on TV.

Episode 19: The Past

1h 35min - Mecnun hears voices from the past. Hidayet deals with relationship problems between Eylul and Nisan while at dinner with Leyla.

Episode 18: Partners in Crime

1h 32min - Leyla and Mecnun start having problems. Mecnun decides to sell his soul to the devil to pay all of Leyla’s debt.

Episode 17: Orhans

1h 35min - Mecnun is given the job of contacting Orhan Gencebay for a concert to get Leyla’s business back on track.

Episode 16: Upper Class

1h 30min - Leyla and Mecnun are invited to a party that will be attended by their relatives. Mecnun is touched by the event and goes searching for his roots.

Episode 15: Arabesque

1h 38min - Mecnun is shocked because Leyla doesn’t show up at the wedding. The government bans all arabesque music in favor of classical music.

Episode 14: Russia

1h 30min - The filming of a Dostoyevski TV show has started. In the show, Mecnun and Hidayet duel, and in the end Leyla makes her choice.