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Episode 4: Niveditha Prakasam

16min - Kenya-born, Coimbatore-raised Niveditha Prakasam dishes on questionable teen crushes, colorism and why Tamil movies don't do their community any favors.

Episode 3: Supriya Joshi

16min - Reluctant Malad resident Supriya Joshi ruminates on revenge bodies, regrettable boyfriends ... and the world's most random career option.

Episode 2: Kaneez Surka

17min - Ex-NRI. Divorcée. Woman. Labels don't scare Kaneez Surka. In fact, she's playing up each one she has to get away with what she does best: being herself.

Episode 1: Prashasti Singh

17min - From questionable parental support to disastrous dating prospects, UP transplant Prashasti Singh reflects on life as an independent woman in Mumbai.