Episode 13: Die unbezwingbare Rüstung

Episode 12: Die Krönung der eisernen Göttin

Episode 11: Die Krönung

23min - The gang learns of even bigger and direr forces working against the Empress and the Kingdom of China, and must come up with a plan to put a stop to it before it is too late.

Episode 10: Im Lava-Wok

Episode 9: Die Kaiserin erwacht

23min - On the Volcano Island, Po and the Kids are reunited with Li, Grandma, Ping, Rooster, Wing, and Wong, and work together to find out what's really going on the island. Xiao becomes suspicious of some of her royal workers.

Episode 8: Die Nacht des knochenbleichen Dämons

Episode 7: Trubel in Gongmen City

23min - Po and the Kids make it to Gongmen City in search of the contact they heard has some info on the dirigible crash. Meanwhile, Xiao, mourning the presumed death of her new panda friends, takes off into the woods and meets a new friend.

Episode 6: Die Schlacht(en) von Gongmen Bay

23min - Po and the Kids agree to escort a dirigible shipment of food to a drought-torn region of China. But Nu Hai has some suspicions about Shi Long, which she finds aren't far off when she discovers the dirigible is set to explode...with them on board!

Episode 5: Gefahr in der verbotenen Stadt

23min - Po and the Kids finally arrive in the Forbidden City. After an assassination scare, Xiao enlists Po and the Four Constellations for help protecting her during her father's funeral.

Episode 4: Die Bestie der Ödnis

23min - Po and the Kids are once more waylaid, this time by Mole Rats who have deemed Bao their god. But when Bao isn't able to defeat the mythical creature plaguing the Wasteland, Fan Tong steps up to save the day.

Episode 3: Das Casino-Schiff

Episode 2: Der Fluch des Affenkönigs

Episode 1: Die verbotene Stadt