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Episode 16: Heroes

20min - In the series finale, the forces of good make a stand against a dark power which threatens the very fabric of human civilisation. Both sides have a plan, but who will win out? With all the twists and turns throughout the series so far, who can be trusted? And will a hero rise up? One thing is for certain: nothing is what it seems.

Episode 15: In the Name of Love

22min - As Lola's mind continues to unravel, Maya sees her opportunity and begins to press their relationship. As plans are made for the final exchange, Mr Angel makes an unexpected move. We discover what Benjamin Abaddon's final plan is.

Episode 14: The Experiment

21min - Eli is injected with an experimental drug that he will need for his mission. He undergoes intense physical training. But will he be able to withstand one of the greatest natural forces on the planet? As the mission draws closer, Kay re-commits himself to Eli and their cause.

Episode 13: To Risk It All

21min - Eli is told yet more unsettling news and is faced with the biggest challenge of his life. He must risk everything for something that may or may not be real. We discover surprising news about Alexandra. Time is running out for Eli and Kay.

Episode 12: The Discovery

20min - Benjamin Abaddon's mind is growing darker by the minute. We meet Mr Angel's deranged uncle and realise that there is another agenda at play. Troy and Max turn to Darknet to find out more information on Mr Angel. Kay makes an astonishing discovery.

Episode 11: Noah

21min - Malik tracks down Eli and Kay. He brings them to a safe house in the city. No longer sure who they can trust, Eli and Kay are introduced to a mysterious man named Noah. He reveals secrets to them that seem impossible to believe. Are they mere pawns in a much larger game?

Episode 10: Missing Pieces

21min - As Eli and Kay head out on what will become the quest of their lives, many of the missing pieces begin to fall into place. Troy receives an unexpected visitor. Benjamin visits a container yard where something despicable is being planned. Eli and Kay approach Benjamin's penthouse building.

Episode 9: Don't Trust Anyone

21min - Benjamin Abaddon makes a bold and devastating move against Eli. Kay and Eli, in turn, dig deep to gain a foothold in the battle. More people are drawn into the conflict. Secret operative, Malik, begins to track Eli and Kay. But whose side is he on? Can the boys trust him?

Episode 8: Trustworthy

20min - Eli and Kay begin to track down Benjamin Abaddon. As Benjamin's mental condition deteriorates, we begin to realise how truly dangerous he is. Cornered and left with nowhere to go, Kay needs to place his trust in Eli if they are going to survive.

Episode 7: The Hunt

22min - As circumstances spiral out of control, Eli is forced to reveal his secret to Maya. Kay helps Eli to investigate Abaddon Holdings, but makes a crucial mistake. Now Mr Angel is hunting Kay.

Episode 6: Double Trouble

21min - Eli continues to keep his secret from Maya and it's beginning to affect their relationship. Ziv attacks a member of the unit investigating the Abaddons. After returning from a double date with Kay and Lisa, Eli gets a frantic call from the young dance student. He's in trouble.

Episode 5: Dark Messages

21min - Eli discovers that a young dance student is living in an abusive home. Benjamin Abaddon receives startling news from beyond the grave. Maya gets approached by Benjamin to do some work for his company. Eli continues to investigate Benjamin.

Episode 4: Totally Unexpected

21min - We meet the psychotic Mr Angel and his accomplice. Kay takes Eli out to their old school to share something personal with him. Benjamin Abaddon agrees to be interviewed by a notoriously tough TV journalist, but who is in control? Meanwhile Eli and Maya head out to Kay's birthday party. Ziv uses the opportunity to his advantage.

Episode 3: Dirty Crimes

21min - Eli goes missing for several days. When Kay eventually tracks him down, Eli shares his belief that his father was murdered for reasons other than what the police suspect. We meet Benjamin's mentally ill sister and ruthless girlfriend and discover that the Abaddon family are being investigated for a string of crimes. Eli shows Kay what his father left for him and what he is now able to do.

Episode 2: Dark Truths

21min - Eli receives devastating personal news that will change his life forever. Heading out to the crime scene, he makes an incredible discovery. Meanwhile, Benjamin Abaddon experiments with his powers. But does he know what the scarlet crystal is doing to him?

Episode 1: Family Secrets

21min - Billionaire Benjamin Abaddon discovers a decades-old secret about his family and is given something extraordinary from his father. Eli King continues to live his humble and simple life with his girlfriend Maya and best friend Kay, but is starting to have strange and unsettling dreams.

Episode 0