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Formula 1 Racer

Drug Runner

Mystery Client Hot Rod Revealed: Part 2

Mystery Client Hot Rod: Part 1

Formula 1 Racer (1)

44min - Jesse jumps at the chance to build a first-of-its-kind ride-along racer for the new Austin F1 track. The only problem: He’s never built anything like it before. Jesse loses it when the carbon fiber company goes off the rails and jeopardizes delivery.

Drug Runner (1)

44min - The Austin Speed Shop is busy transforming a classic El Camino into a bullet proof cartel drug runner for a movie directed by Robert Rodriguez. Bob and Jesse disagree on how to armor the car and there's tension over the souped-up suspension.

Mystery Client Hot Rod Part 2

44min - Jesse and his crew work non-stop on the one-of-a-kind Model A Roadster. Jesse finally reveals who the car is for. A newly enthused team buckles down to make the deadline, but delays make it nearly impossible for the hot rod to be ready for the road.

Mystery Client Hot Rod Part 1

44min - Jesse and crew build a badass classic Model A Roadster but tensions flare when he refuses to disclose the mystery client. Angry about being out of the loop, Bob goes head to head with Jesse. Also, Jesse speeds off to England to race his Trophy Truck.


44min - Jesse James gets back to his roots in Texas as he focuses on his newest venture at the Austin Speed Shop. He puts his employees to the test by challenging them to rebuild a 1932 Ford Roadster in only a month.