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Captain Hook's Last Stand!

Captain Jake’s Pirate Power Crew!

Tiger Sharky Strikes Again!

Tales of Captain Buzzard

Night of the Stonewolf


The Legion of Pirate Villains!

Mummy First Mate

Beardini’s Apprentice

March of the Lava Monsters

Attack of the Pirate Piranhas

The Forbidden City

Pirate Fools Day!

Minotaur Mix-Up!

The Creature of Doubloon Lagoon

Captain Hook’s Crocodile Crew

Captain Quixote

Peter Pans to Beat Captain Hook with Captain Jake, Captain Flynn and Red Jessica

Sharky Unchained!

Captain Jake and Izzy to help Misty and Winger to Waking Up Pirate Princess by Kissing Her.

Dread the Pharaoh!

Captain Jake and his crew are celebrating Pirate Princess Patricia's birthday.

Peter Pan’s 100 Treasures!

Crabageddon!/Night of the Stonewolf

Beardini's Apprentice/Mummy First Mate

Attack of the Pirate Piranhas/March of the Lava Monsters

Pirate Fool's Day!/The Forbidden City

The Creature of Doubloon Lagoon/Minotaur Mix-Up!

Captain Quixote/Captain Hook's Crocodile Crew

Dread the Pharaoh!/Sharky Unchained!

The Great Never Sea Conquest! Part 1

Monkey Tiki Trouble/Jake's Cold-Hearted Matey

Phantoms of Never-Nether Land/Magical Mayhem!

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