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Grand Final Part 2: Terry & Anita

48min - The competition wraps with a return to Terry and Anita's serene Brisbane abode. And with the grand prize on the line, the judging is anything but Zen.

Grand Final Part 1: Babe & Bondi

52min - Ahead of the final judgment, finalists once again open the doors of their impressive digs, where recent home improvements bring guests to tears.

Round 2: Mikey & Shay

46min - Anticipation runs high for Mikey and Shay's much-hyped suburban Sydney mansion, which boasts big-name art and creature comforts with actual creatures.

Round 2: Lynne & Simon

43min - The situation turns hairy at Lynne and Simon's sleek Gold Coast property when a clown and a camera make guests uneasy -- and a cardinal rule is broken.

Round 2: Serena & Sturt

45min - In a Melbourne suburb, Serena and Sturt's family residence leads to a fight over the master suite, some spying and an ill-fated trip to the wetlands.

Round 2: Bec & Tristan

38min - Quarters are scenic but cramped in Mildura as the teams cruise the Murray River on a houseboat belonging to chill brother-sister pair Bec and Tristan.

Round 2: Terry & Anita

52min - Five new teams arrive in Brisbane to judge Terry and Anita's expansive Zen retreat, where a room with an uncomfortable view proves less than relaxing.

Round 1: Brent & Leroy

49min - Heading into the first-round final, great expectations await Brent and Leroy's meticulously decorated Port Douglas home. Does it live up to the hype?

Round 1: Babe & Bondi

49min - Mother-daughter duo Babe and Bondi's glam Bondi Beach party pad serves up a naughty ode to Margaritaville -- and brings out the salty side of one team.

Round 1: Samantha & James

47min - All is not quite as advertised at Sam and James's swanky Byron Bay-adjacent oasis, where crystals and mosquitos are plentiful, and questions abound.

Round 1: Mark & Jannine

51min - Everything '50s is cool again in the rocking, retro digs of Mark and Jannine. But as wine from the surrounding Barossa Valley flows, tensions flare.

Round 1: Adam & Kathy

45min - In the town of Humpty Doo, Adam and Kathy offer up an airy hideaway featuring an impressive pool but a lack of privacy. Oh, and bugs -- lots of bugs.