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Nasty Cherry Needs to WIN

32min - With their first single about to drop, Nasty Cherry is freaking out. Will the group get the plays and pull off their first live show at a legit venue?

Nasty Cherry Is ... Dead?

25min - Hurt, rage, regret and confusion follow in the aftermath of a bombshell. The band has been rocked, and feelings are raw, but the women try to hang on.

Nasty Cherry Loses a Cherry

29min - Momentum picks up on social media, and 'Win' crushes. Gabi is thrilled, but Chloe feels disrespected. Debbie struggles to open up ... anything.

Nasty Cherry Loves Your Dad

41min - Nasty Cherry bonds as they dig for Rose Bowl Flea Market finds. But will they vibe while rising to the challenge of their first show? No pressure.

Nasty Cherry Makes Some Noise

35min - The band’s on a roll and clicking as they write. But on the brink of a major meeting with Charli's producer, Georgia worries about Chloe’s commitment.

Who the F**K Is Nasty Cherry?

37min - Charli XCX creates the totally badass, very human all-girl band of her 14-year-old dreams: Nasty Cherry. Time to kick it all off with a big blowout.