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Episode 24: Michelle Rides Again, Del 2

22min - The family rallies around Michelle after her horse riding accident, hoping she'll recover from amnesia and remember who they are ... and who she is.

Episode 23: Michelle Rides Again, Del 1

22min - Under too much parental pressure at a horse riding competition, Michelle and her new friend ride away for fun instead, but Michelle gets hurt.

Episode 22: All Stood Up

22min - Danny only makes things worse when Stephanie's date stands her up, Michelle competes with D.J., and Jesse tries to lower his blood pressure.

Episode 21: Leap Of Faith

22min - Becky decides to try bungee jumping. D.J. and Stephanie convince Michelle that she has "Smedrick's Disease" when she tries to be more like them.

Episode 20: Up On The Roof

22min - Jesse and Kimmy urge D.J. to pull the ultimate senior prank on her principal. Meanwhile, Michelle and Becky prove that they're not good cooks.

Episode 19: Taking The Plunge

22min - When Kimmy elopes with Duane, D.J. and Nelson fly to Reno to stop her, and Danny mistakenly believes D.J. and Nelson are the ones with wedding plans.

Episode 18: We Got The Beat

22min - Stephanie, Gia, Kimmy and a school friend start a band, with Jesse as their manager. Danny and Joey see financial opportunities in D.J.'s homework.

Episode 17: Dateless In San Francisco

22min - On Valentine's Day, Michelle and Teddy consider dating, Danny goes out with Claire, and a secret admirer sends Joey candy and flowers.

Episode 16: Air Jesse

22min - When Jesse agrees to play in a charity basketball game even though he knows nothing about the sport, guest star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar lends a hand.

Episode 15: My Left And Right Foot

22min - When her sisters' teasing gets out of hand, Michelle comes to believe that her feet are too big and goes to outrageous lengths to shrink them.

Episode 14: Super Bowl Funday

22min - Joey and Jesse end up at a sports bar with Michelle and her friends on Super Bowl Sunday. Meanwhile, Danny and Becky are hosting at the game itself.

Episode 13: The Producer

22min - Becky makes Danny jealous when she's promoted to producer of "Wake Up, San Francisco." Meanwhile, D.J. and Stephanie try to give up junk food.

Episode 12: D.J.'s Choice

22min - After Viper breaks up with D.J., he fights with Nelson over who should be her boyfriend. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang rebuilds a vandalized park.

Episode 11: Arrest Ye Merry Gentlemen

22min - After getting locked in a toy store on Christmas Eve, Jesse and Michelle learn that they're wrong about the grouchy owner, guest star Mickey Rooney.

Episode 10: Under The Influence

23min - Kimmy gets annoyed when D.J. hassles her for getting drunk at a frat party, until she learns why D.J. is concerned. Meanwhile, Joey tries to cook.

Episode 9: Stephanie's Wild Ride

22min - Stephanie and Gia get a ride from two reckless high school boys. Meanwhile, Michelle gets Jesse, Danny, Joey and Becky hooked on a video game.

Episode 8: Claire And Present Danger

22min - Danny starts dating Gia's mother, which makes Stephanie and Gia happy but annoys Michelle. Meanwhile, D.J. learns that Viper can't read.

Episode 7: On The Road Again

18min - When Jesse hits the road with his new band, he learns that a lot has changed since his last tour, especially with Becky and the twins along.

Episode 6: You Pet It, You Bought It

23min - When Michelle reaps over $200 from a lemonade stand, her first stop is the candy store, but she ends up buying a donkey instead.

Episode 5: To Joey, With Love

23min - Michelle thinks Joey will be a pushover as her new substitute teacher. Meanwhile, Jesse auditions guitarists for his new band.

Episode 4: I've Got A Secret

23min - Michelle gets kicked out of her new secret club for telling people about it. Danny, Joey and Jesse's attempt to fix things only make them worse.

Episode 3: Making Out Is Hard To Do

23min - Stephanie discovers that the party at Gia's is more adult than she expected. Meanwhile, guest star Barry Williams replaces Jesse in the band.

Episode 2: Breaking Away

23min - Jesse and Becky nervously send the twins to preschool, Gia's sloppiness starts to rub off on Stephanie, and Michelle wants her own room.

Episode 1: Comet's Excellent Adventure

23min - Comet gets away from Michelle while on a walk and spends a day roaming on his own in San Francisco as everyone searches for him.