Episode #1.23

Episode #1.22

Episode #1.21

34min - Ashar questions why he feels so ready to forgive Khirad. Khizar threatens to expose Farida if she doesn't convince Sara to marry him.

Episode #1.20

37min - Ashar issues a heartfelt request to Sara. Sara realizes Farida used her. Shared worry during Hareem's surgery softens Ashar and Khirad's interactions.

Episode #1.19

36min - Hareem asks about her parents' wedding, and later admits a concern to her father. Khizar calls Sara to tell her he's coming back to marry her.

Episode #1.18

37min - Khirad makes a difficult decision about Hareem's future. Ashar's mother returns home from her trip and delivers an ultimatum to her son.

Episode #1.17

Episode #1.16

38min - After asking for Ashar's help, Khirad gets more than she bargained for. Despite trying for more than four years, Sara still hopes to win Ashar's love.

Episode #1.15

37min - The special needs of her child force Khirad to pay a visit to Ashar's office. A spontaneous show of affection touches Ashar's heart, but pains it too.

Episode #1.14

Episode #1.13

Episode #1.12

33min - With nowhere else to turn, Khirad seeks refuge with her mother's sister in Hyderabad, although Ashar is told a different story by his mother.

Episode #1.11

Episode #1.10

37min - Ashar worries he's too boring for Khirad. Khirad wants to share a surprise with Ashar, but he's acting distant. Khizar reveals his feelings to Sara.

Episode #1.9

Episode #1.8

Episode #1.7

Episode #1.6

35min - At Ashar's urging, Khirad gradually shares her opinions and interests with him. Sara invents an emergency to get Ashar's attention and sympathy.

Episode 5

34min - The couple's relationship takes a turn for the better after Ashar overhears Khirad confessing her feelings of shame and inferiority to Baseerat.

Episode 4

44min - Khirad reluctantly moves from the guest bedroom to Ashar's. Sara stays close to Ashar, hoping to change his mind, a tactic her mother disapproves of.

Episode 3

37min - While Ashar and Khirad disagree with Baseerat's decision, Khirad decides to honor her mother's last wish. Meanwhile, Sara becomes despondent.

Episode 2

Episode 1

39min - Two cousins who seem destined to marry each other find that fate has another plan in store for them when unforeseen circumstances arise.