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Episode 1116: Sendepause i USA

Episode 25: Jump into the fog

Episode 24: Drawn to the blood

Episode 23: What I didi for love

Episode 22: Head over high heels

Episode 21: Good sheperd

Episode 20: The whole package

Episode 19: Silent all these years

Episode 18: Add it up

Episode 17: And dream of sheep

Episode 16: Blood and Water

Episode 15: We Didn't Start the Fire

Episode 14: I want a new drug

Episode 13: I Walk the Line

Episode 12: Girlfriend in a coma

Episode 11: The Winner takes it All

Episode 10: Help, I´m Alive

Episode 9: Sendepause i USA

Episode 8: Blowin' in the Wind

Episode 7: Anybody have a map?

Episode 6: Flowers grow out of my grave

Episode 5: Everyday angel

Episode 4: Momma Knows Best

Episode 3: Gut Feeling

Episode 2: Broken Together

With a Wonder and a Wild Desire