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Episode 6

49min - As his future with Yu-mei hangs by a thread, Song-yan pieces together the tragic truth about Ma-li, and Zao-yun reveals her connection with Yu-mei.

Episode 5

50min - Xiu-qi grapples with the heartrending truth about Chin-fa. To unlock the answer she seeks, Song-yan shows Li-hua's spirit the inscriptions on a ring.

Episode 4

48min - Ma-li revisits a devastating moment in her past. While meeting with Shen Chin-cheng to discuss Shen Chin-fa, Song-yan misses a rendezvous with Yu-mei.

Episode 3

47min - Song-yan urges Zao-yun's grandma Li-hua to confront grief from a past love. Song-yan's Rorschach test offers clues about Ma-li's family relations.

Episode 2

48min - Ma-li, who comes from the future, talks to Song-yan through a mirror. Xiu-qi appears to have no memory of her violent outburst at the jewelry shop.

Episode 1

47min - At his clinic in Ximending, renowned psychologist Wei Song-yan counsels Yu Xiu-qi, who slips into the persona of Hualien gang member Shen Chin-fa.