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Episode 13: "Gortimer vs.the End"

33min - The trio decides to gather all the special items from their old adventures and place them safely in a time capsule. But as they accumulate mementos of their past, doubts set in about their future.

Episode 12: "Gortimer and the Fault in Our Street"

28min - After Gortimer receives some devastating news that could separate him from the people he loves the most, Normal Street is beset by a puzzling series of earthquakes. The kids rush to find the source of the tremors before Normal Street literally gets torn apart.

Episode 11: "Gortimer and the Abnormal Formal"

28min - As the Normal Formal approaches, Gortimer decides it's finally time to ask Abigail to the dance. But when Stanley happens upon a mysterious love potion and starts playing Cupid Gortimer's plans unravel.

Episode 10: "Gortimer and the Lost Legends of Normal Street"

23min - As the gang prepares a surprise birthday party for Gortimer, they take turns making video recordings of the weird, wild and wonderful stories of their adventures with Gortimer.

Episode 9: "Gortimer vs.White Hat"

24min - After receiving some bombshell news, Gortimer escapes to the comfort of his favorite TV show, the campy '60s superhero series, "Adventures of White Hat." But once an inter-dimensional transporter gets involved, Gortimer takes his escapism to a new level.

Episode 8: "Mel vs.the Missing Day"

27min - After Mel falls sick from stretching herself too thin, she returns to school only to find that her friends and teachers don't seem to remember her.

Episode 7: "Gortimer vs.the World's Best Mom"

27min - When work and family duties begin to overwhelm Claire, Gortimer reassures her with a special surprise gift: a "World's Best Mom" mug. But after just a few sips from it, Claire is transformed into a "super mom", but at what cost?

Episode 6: "Ranger and the Weight of the World"

22min - When family issues weigh on Ranger, his pals encourage him to talk it out at the peer counseling center. But once there, Ranger instead opts to be a peer counselor himself. And as more and more students confide in him, Ranger finds the weight of the world upon his shoulders.

Episode 5: "The Mystery of the Marlow Mansion"

26min - The gang takes part in a 1920s-themed mystery party and wind up stuck in their characters' personas. When a valuable antique goes missing, it's up to Gortimer to solve the mystery and bring his friends back to normal.

Episode 4: "Mel vs.the Night Mare of Normal Street"

23min - When Mel starts seeing a mysterious horse everywhere she goes, Ranger warns it's the legendary -- and much feared -- Night Mare of Normal Street. In order to rid herself of the nightmares, Mel must overcome her greatest fear.

Episode 3: "Gortimer, Mel, Ranger, Catherine and the Student Identity Crisis"

27min - When the student ID card machine malfunctions, Gortimer, Mel, Ranger and Catherine swap identities. As they walk a mile each other's shoes, will they gain a new perspective on the friends they thought they knew so well?

Episode 2: "Ranger vs.the Laser Frog of Fate"

25min - At a pivotal moment for the Bowen family, Ranger learns that his Dad is plagued by an arch nemesis from his youth. Tired of seeing his dad live in someone's shadow, Ranger takes matters into his own hands.

Episode 1: "Gortimer and the Jacks of All Trades"

23min - As a new year arrives on Normal Street, Gortimer resolves to find a new interest so he can keep up with his multi-talented friends. But when he stumbles on a magic deck of cards that make him an expert in any skill he desires, he begins to question his true self.