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Episode 12

46min - It's make or break as the time comes for everyone to make some big decisions. Who will be left to rule Naples's smouldering ruins?

Episode 11

46min - His family or the woman he loves? Mickey is forced to make the ultimate choice. Meanwhile, Genny starts to doubt his decision.

Episode 10

41min - Having realised the cause of all of her misfortunes, Patrizia is forced to face up to a life-changing decision.

Episode 9

42min - The Capaccios strike out at Sangue Blu as they set out to conquer Forcella. Enzo risks not only losing his turf, but also his men's loyalty.

Episode 8

41min - An unforeseen event drags Genny back into the past, throws his new company into the spotlight and threatens the airport's construction.

Episode 7

42min - The cocaine delay forces the Forcella boys to resort to desperate lengths to survive. Meanwhile, Sangue Blu faces a leadership crisis.

Episode 6

46min - Nicola goes after the spy who shopped them as he tries to regain boss Patrizia's confidence.

Episode 5

42min - Patrizia is put to the ultimate test when the seizure of a huge shipment of cocaine threatens to throw the clans into war.

Episode 4

43min - The airport project takes Genny and Resta to London, where an unexpected event forces Genny to resort to criminal ways.

Episode 3

45min - It's a year since Genny quit the game and business is booming for Patrizia. But as the much-loved boss proves, ruling often requires an iron fist.

Episode 2

44min - Genny reinvents himself as a businessman. But when things get tough, he finds it impossible to keep his hands clean.

Episode 1

50min - With Ciro dead and Naples set for an all-out war, Genny turns to a new and powerful player for help. Series four of the gritty Italian mafia drama.