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Episode 104: Pizza Delivery

2min - The Glumpers are sitting at the table waiting for dinner in the garden while Dudd is making dinner. Dudd appears suddenly with a pair of charred tongs and the barbecue is smoking. They all look angry. Gobo turns up with a pizzeria brochure, ready to order dinner. While Gobo is making the order by phone, the rest of Glumpers are arguing because they do not agree with what Gobo is ordering.

Episode 103: Sound Movies

2min - Fubble and Quigly are in the cinema. The usher leads them to their sitting places. The movie begins. Quigly suddenly hears a noise: it is Fubble opening a bag of crisps. Quigly keeps taking Fubble's things from him, trying not to disturb people, but he always ends up getting hurt and screaming, Fubble takes his hand for a sausage and bites it, and it falls on a barbecue.

Episode 102: The Pied Piper of Hamelin

2min - Fubble, Webster and Gobo are having breakfast in the kitchen. Fubble goes to the closet and pulls out a box of cereal, but mice appear suddenly everywhere, they go out not only of the cereal package, but they come from everywhere. The Glumpers attempt to get rid of the mice setting traps for mice and they also disguise Webster as a cat, but everything fails.

Episode 101: Zoo Visit

2min - We see Dudd, Fubble, Booker, Webster and Quigly walking down the street and they stop outside the door of the zoo. Everyone wants to get in, but Booker has no money to pay the entrance fee. Dudd suggests they could jump the wall. Webster will be the first to try, but he returns knackered, because across the wall is an animal.

Episode 100: Earthquake

2min - The Glumpers are having breakfast when suddenly everything starts to shake. Frightened, they start running up and down, bumping into each other, dodging objects, trying not to break anything. But Booker, who has remained calm, blows a whistle to warn them and to tell them to do as he does: stay put under the table. He shows them a book that explains what to do in case of an earthquake.

Episode 99: Sweet-Toothed Vision

2min - Booker looks at a poster where Glumperina announces a brand of ice cream, licking a cream and chocolate ice cream cone. Booker has an idea. We see him manipulating a pair of glasses, he wears them, and we see him looking at Fubble on a skateboard. Because of the glasses, we do not see Fubble, but an ice cream cone on the skateboard.

Episode 98: Quigly, Stay Quiet

2min - Booker is in his lab doing experiments when Quigly comes in and begins to run around, teasing, until he breaks Booker's flask. Then we see Gobo watching TV. Quigly reappears, still running around and annoying. Both Gobo and Booker are angry, but Booker smiles and shows a remote control to Gobo. Between the two of them make Quigly swallow a capsule, which will enable the Glumpers to direct Quigly.

Episode 97: Oculist

2min - Gobo is at home, when suddenly stops what he was doing: he's very surprised because Dudd is trying to change TV channels with the remote control, pointing at a picture. He gets angry and takes the car keys and instead of getting into the car he gets into the container next to it. Gobo is concerned and he rescues him before he crashes against it.

Episode 96: Karate Dudd

2min - Dudd is practicing martial arts wearing a kimono. He has a punching bag and some handweights in the garage. Suddenly we hear a woman screaming out in the street. Dudd sticks his head out of the window and realizes that the screaming comes from Glumperina, who is chased by a car. When she and the car pass near the garage, Dudd grabs her and he stands in the middle, in front of the car.

Episode 95: Dudd's Birthday

2min - The Glumpers are in the wood, surrounded by trees. They are camping. There are backpacks and bags on the ground. Gobo gives Dudd a basket and tells him to go to pick some flowers. When Dudd is away, the rest of the Glumpers are in a hurry to make preparations for a party, since it is Dudd's birthday.

Episode 94: Drowsy Tale

2min - At night, Dudd wakes Booker up because he can not sleep. He gives Booker a book and wants him to read it to him. Booker, in order not to have to listen to him anymore, starts reading and Dudd falls asleep right away. Booker does not believe what just happened, and he waits for the coming of the daylight to carry out an experiment.

Episode 93: Snowboard

2min - Gobo, Quigly and Fubble are in the front door with their snowboards, looking at the snowy landscape. They are ready to leave, and Gobo asks Booker if he wants to go with them, but Booker is too cold and he'll rather stay at home watching a scary movie with a mummy on the cover. The Glumpers begin to ski in a mound of snow six feet high.

Episode 92: The Magic Lamp

2min - Booker is in his lab doing experiments and Dudd, bored, is playing with some red dust causing an explosion, so the lab ends up completely red and full of dust. Booker is annoyed and forces Dudd to clear up everything with a vacuum cleaner. Dudd, angry, starts cleaning until he finds a box with an unusual object. He takes the object and rubs it in order to remove the red dust off it.

Episode 91: Pizza Delivery

2min - Fubble and Booker and are walking down the street and found a baby carriage, Booker is about to make tender caresses, the baby is immediately to mourn. Fubble does the same and the baby calms down and laughs. Booker does not understand anything, he goes again and the baby back to mourn, he throws the dummy and throws him over. Fubble is coming again and the baby calms down and laughs.

Episode 90: Sound Movies

2min - "Booker is going to the kitchen, Quigly laughing maliciously gives him a "slap" on the shoulder. He pasted a sheet of paper in the shoulder but we don't see the text. Booker enters in the kitchen and Webster throws him a pie in the face. Quigly falls to the floor crying with laughter. Booker don't understand anything.

Episode 89: The Pied Piper of Hamelin

2min - Fubble is trying to cook sausages on the barbecue, but Webster is eating them all. Finally Fubble gets angry and takes the barbecue and the sausages away with his car, but Webster appears again and he eats up all the sausages. Fubble has an idea: he fills a sausage with extra hot spicy sauce and cooks it, and when Webster eats the hot sausage he is thrown into the air jumping amazingly.

Episode 88: Zoo Visit

2min - We see Dudd trying to kill a bumblebee that spins round in the room. He fails to hit the bumblebee, but he hits instead a vase and smashes it. Dudd chases de bumblebee trying to kill it, and he makes great efforts, but his incompetence prevents him of being successful. In one of his attempts, he slips with a can of fly spray, and when he hits the wall, he smashes it.

Episode 87: Earthquake

2min - "Fubble is hungry and goes to the fridge to see if there is something to eat, but it is empty. Fubble goes to the sitting room, where the rest of the Glumpers are watching TV, and he points at his mouth and stomach, but they ignore him because they are absorbed by TV. He sees an ad where there appears a magic wand that transforms an object several times until it becomes a roasted chicken.

Episode 86: Sweet-Toothed Vision

2min - In a medieval world, we see a castle defended by a bunch of blue knights being attacked by Quigly, who is dressed in red. Using a spell and a sword, he defeats them all and scores points for it. Suddenly everything turns off. Quigly, in the real world, turns round and realizes Gobo has unplugged the computer.

Episode 85: Quigly, Stay Quiet

2min - Booker is walking with a basket happily. He goes to the orchard and sees that it is invaded by birds, which eat the tomatoes, strawberries, everything. Booker decides to put a scarecrow in the middle of the orchard. But the birds come back and destroy the scarecrow. Booker has a diabolical plan.

Episode 84: Oculist

2min - Gobo, Quigly, Fubble, Booker and Dudd are wearing football shirts, ready to play football. Gobo, with the ball, points at the goal hoping that someone will volunteer as the goalkeeper. Booker and Quigly try to trick Fubble with food hoping that he'll place himself as the goalkeeper, but once he realizes he's been cheated, he complains and he wants to be the goalie no more.

Episode 83: Karate Dudd

2min - The Glumpers are having a barbecue. Gobo in charge of the sausages, burgers, chips and drinks, while Booker is trying to light the barbecue but fails. Fubble looks at Gobo and drools. Dudd and Webster are digging in the garden. Webster unearths an old pump and shows it to Booker and Gobo. Webster dropped the bomb on the floor like a stick.

Episode 82: Dudd's Birthday

2min - Gobo is acting as a coach in a football ground. He has a serious attitude because he wants Quigly, Fubble, Booker and Dudd to be good players, but they all do silly things and Gobo gets angry. Gobo tries to train them in different moves, but all of them go wrong, and the coach is more and more annoyed.

Episode 81: Drowsy Tale

2min - At night, we hear a loud noise that shakes everything. Gobo grabs a baseball bat and goes downstairs, where the rest of the Glumpers are prepared for what might happen. Something falls through the chimney, and everyone starts to beat it. Gobo turns on the light and he realizes that they've been banging Santa Claus!

Episode 80: Snowboard

2min - Dudd and Booker are trimming their home with Christmas fittings, while listening to Christmas carols, when suddenly we hear the sound of a saw. Dudd, intrigued, gets out of the house and watches the firtrees in the wood falling down. Once he reaches the wood, he sees they are taking all the trees away, and when there is not one tree left, he tries to save the last one seizing it by the root.

Episode 79: The Magic Lamp

2min - Fubble goes to the fridge to see if there's anything to eat. It's empty, but he finds a mouldy sandwich under the fridge. He hesitates for a moment, but at last he ends up eating it. The next day he gets up very ill. We can see a screen with the inside of Fubble, where some viruses attack his body. Booker tries to heal him by administering him a shot,, but the viruses eat up the medicine.

Episode 78: The Baby

1min - We see the screen of a cell phone: someone is typing a message. Then we find out that Quigly is writing a message while "trying" to eat, but since he does not look at what he is doing,, he smudges everything, even the rest of the Glumpers. Then we have Quigly writing messages in different places with Gobo, who always gets hurt because Quigly doesn't pay attention to what he is doing.

Episode 77: Bad Jokes

2min - Quigly, Gobo, and Booker (equipped with the colors of his team very excited watching a football game on TV). Dudd looks at them and sings and screams. We hear a "Gooooal" of the commentator and Dudd starts to jump of joy and screaming like crazy until he realize that the goal was of the opposing team. The other glumpers looks at him with hatred and wonder if he supports the opposing team.

Episode 76: Hot Stuff

2min - Quigly and Dudd are skating in the park. They arrive at a millionaire's mansion. Quigly starts painting graffiti on the walls and the millionaire arrives in his car. Quigly and Dudd hide themselves. The millionaire is scared to death when he sees his house painted, and Quigly takes the chance to paint the millionaire's car. When the millionaire sees the car he raises his arms screaming, then he s

Episode 75: Flies

2min - Dudd is in the kitchen with chef's hat, surrounded by kitchen utensils, containers, a bottle of milk, strawberries, apples, chocolate... and with a cookbook on the table. Dudd is about making a cake and the rest of the Glumpers look at himt thinking that the cake will taste terrible, but Fubble who drools. Finally Fubble test a piece and suddenly begins to experience some strange symptoms.