Angels in the Night

The Quarrymen lure the gargoyles to what seems to be their death and blame them for the damage. Angela and Bronx have been taken into custody for questioning.

Seeing Isn't Believing

New Olympian criminal, a shape-shifter named Proteus escapes and seeks vengeance against Goliath and Elisa. Can the shape-shifter turn Elisa and Goliath against each other?

To Serve Mankind

The Illuminati grab the gargoyles and force Goliath to watch as they perform disturbing experiments. Goliath is brainwashed into believing a peaceful European leader is behind it.

...For It May Come True

Goliath, knocked out during a battle, wakes up to find himself human, married to Elisa, with loving kids. What happened? If given the chance, will he give up being a gargoyle?


Genesis Undone

Thailog and the other clones have started to fail. If the gargoyles don't help them and Dr. Sevarius find a cure, they will all die. Goliath and the others are torn.

And Justice for All

Goliath, wrongly accused of a crime insists on standing trial to show humans that gargoyles can live with them and respect their laws. Elisa helps track down the real criminals.

The Dying of the Light

A Bronx Tail

Bronx is stranded miles from Manhattan, in rural Pennsylvania. He saves the life of a farm boy and has been spotted in the area. The boy rushes to get Bronx back to New York.

Broadway Goes Hollywood

Fox, believing that it will help humans to accept gargoyles, takes Broadway out to his beloved Hollywood to try to make him a star. He discovers the price of fame.



The Journey